Web-Based (or digital) Voltage Drop Analysis and Network Digitization

PwrTrace is an open-source web application developed for digitalization of electrical distribution networks on maps, voltage drop analysis, phase load balancing analysis, and network inventory reporting.

Some of the system’s key abilities include:

  • • Special drawing rules for feeding the feeders starting from the main transformer center based on phase structure,
  • • Engineering calculations that can determine load balancing per phase and energy loss on the lines to provide decision support,
  • • Special drawing tools and forms developed for digitizing medium and low voltage lines, transformers, poles, switching elements, and subscribers on the map,
  • • Network analysis specific to phase structure with drawing rules and topology algorithm,
  • • Inventory reporting with authorized structure by distribution companies and projects
  • • Flexibility to integrate with external systems due to its adaptable infrastructure.
  • • Network data and Google Street View can be displayed on a single page.

Detailed Information about PwrTrace

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Structured Network Digitization

• Ability to draw the network and transfer network inventory to digital media.
• Digitalization of network data on maps with GIS.
• Management of the network inventory by coordinated positioning.

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Voltage Drop and Phase Load Balancing Analysis on Network

• Load balancing analysis for electricity distribution in phase architecture
• The only web-based geographic information system that calculates line loss analysis on electricity network lines.

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Adaptable Infrastructure

• The system can be integrated with other systems (CRM, SCADA, OSOS, etc.) through its adaptable architecture.
• It can establish infrastructure for input provided for use in field operations.
• Existing data of distribution companies can be transferred to the system and displayed on the map
• The form structures for network drawing in the application can be adapted to distribution company operations.

The Value PwrTrace Adds to Its User

distribution balance analysis

Energy loss
analysis on lines

Voltage drop
loss analyses

network management


Topology compliant
network drawing

Dynamic analysis
and reporting


PwrTrace Modules

Engineering Calculations, Analyses, and Reporting

  • • Energy loss analysis on lines can be provided via the dynamic algorithm structure with GIS map representation and output reports.
  • • Distribution balance analysis and reports can be generated by recording the distribution of subscribers on feeders according to phases.
  • • Inventory reports of network elements can be created and exported in different formats from the selected region, project, and feeder.
  • • Other reports and analyses specific to distribution companies can be quickly adapted thanks to its dynamic infrastructure.

Network Drawing Module

  • • Special drawing tools for digitizing the main transformer center, LV, MV, and HV lines and network inventories connected to the lines in electrical distribution networks,
  • • Special forms and drawing tools developed for network inventory such as line, pole, transformer, and switching elements,
  • • Special tools for matching network elements fed with subscriber locations and information,
  • • Dynamic rule structure to guide the user to the correct topology during network drawing,
  • • Detection of network inventories via Street View,
  • • Georeferencing tool to digitize image files in formats such as maps, outputs, etc. with coordinates is included in the network drawing module.

Authorization Module and Management Panel

  • • Users can access the application via the web.
  • • It does not require a license obligation with its open-source architecture.
  • • Users can be authorized, managed, and assigned to designated roles for all functions with the role and authorization definition feature in the application.
  • • Authorization can be made on distribution companies and projects.
  • • Type data in the forms and parameters in the algorithms can be managed via the management panel.
  • • Cloud or on-premise installations can be provided optionally.

PwrTrace F.A.Q.

Can network data in different formats be transferred to the application?

Geographic data in various formats held by the customer can be transferred to the application through a data study. However, the relevant data must be examined and analyzed beforehand. The network data structure is highly important for analyzing the engineering calculations made within the system.

What analyses and reports can the application generate?

The application can produce voltage drop, line loss, and load balance analyses based on a digitized network structure and map. Additionally, the system has the infrastructure necessary to add other engineering calculations to the analyses based on the formula structure and data architecture.

Can non-digital paper maps similar to section maps be transferred to the application?

Raster maps that need to be digitized can be added to the system with coordinated georeferencing to enable drawing based on network rules.

Is there a mobile application solution for network digitization and data collection in the field?

The relevant system infrastructure can provide a mobile solution (Android and IOS) for data collection in the field. With this solution, many operations can be carried out in the field, such as viewing network data, drawing the network, and collecting other information with coordinates, descriptions, and photos.

Can data be obtained from different systems such as ERP, SCADA, Smart Metering, or Customer Relationship Management for analysis?

The flexible integration infrastructure of the system enables data flow from different systems. However, before any integration, the methods and data content of the systems to be integrated must be analyzed.

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