Disaster Risk Planning

eAFAD is the mobile application of AFAD which is the most authorized institution of Turkey in disaster management. Application provides end-to-end solutions for disaster risk planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

In the mobile application, solutions have been provided for many natural disaster scenarios, from displaying shelter areas to damage assessment of buildings destroyed after an earthquake. There are modules in eAFAD where tent areas are set up and matched with victims, emergency vehicle requests are made for situations such as floods, overflows and heavy snowfall.

Detailed Information about eAFAD

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eAFAD Highlights


Preparing for Disaster with
Pre-Disaster Planning Features


Quick Access to Many Features Before
and After the Disaster with Mobile Applications


End-to-end Solution for The Coordination of
The Work to Be Done In The Disaster Area


Can this system developed for AFAD be applied for different scenarios?

With this modular developed application, many modules can be brought together for different needs and solutions can be offered.

What are the benefits of the eAFAD project?

eAFAD is able to respond to all the needs of the institution, as it includes the end-to-end planning, exercise and implementation phases. With its technological solutions such as web and mobile, it is the most powerful feature of the users to provide fast access at any time.

Is the eAFAD application scalable?

Since eAFAD applications are developed in an architecture suitable for today’s cloud technology, it has been created in a rapidly scalable structure with its horizontal growth feature.

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