Data Collection Application

Smart and Fast Field Data Collection

Accurate and systematic collection of data from the field is very important in order to ensure the efficiency of the data obtained and the effort spent in the field.

Developed with Başarsoft’s experience and expertise in Geographic Information Systems, ‘Data Collection Application‘, during the realization of field activities, task optimization of the field team, follow-up of the work, visualization of the visit points, instant transfer of the collected data to the systems, optimization of the tasks and advanced reporting functions; It provides solutions at many critical points, such as getting reports on customized titles.

The application is offered to users in two different forms as web and mobile applications.

Detailed Information about Data Collection Application

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With the Data Collection Application;

  • • Assigning tasks to your field team and creating work orders.
  • • Comparative data analysis is performed by detecting when the data was recorded with the smart data collection methodology.
  • • In cases where there is no internet connection, the data collection process continues without any interruption or loss.
  • • Thanks to its developed reporting function, it performs the reporting you want instantly and dynamically.
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Track Your Field Team Instantly

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Instantly Transfer and Display Data Collected from the Field to Your Systems

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Detect and Compare When Data Was Saved with Smart ID Structure

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Collect Data Offline Even Without Internet Connection

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Easily Perform Complex Surveys in the Field with the Dynamic Survey Feature

The Value Added by Data Collection Application to Its User


Dynamic Query Structure
and Advanced Reporting

Online and
Offline Data Collection

Instant Tracking
and Data Transfer

Coordinated and
Quick Access to Visiting Points

Performing Fast
and Efficient Field Operations

Data Collection Application F.A.Q.

What is the advantage of the product over traditional data collection methods?

Since we digitize all your processes, you can complete the process much faster than traditional data collection operations. In addition, thanks to the smart ID structure, you have the opportunity to follow the data recording period and compare the transactions you performed at different times.

What does quick access to the right spots mean?

The visiting addresses you already have are arranged in accordance with the address standards and integrated into the application in a coordinated manner. In addition, important points (POI) from hundreds of categories in the Başarsoft database can be visualized through the application when needed, and your team can be assigned tasks for these points. In this way, even if the street name where the address is located has changed, your field team will have visited the right spot without wasting time, since you have the coordinated data.

How is offline data collection done?

Even if the signal cannot be received on the mobile device, the application user continues to collect data just as if they were connected to the internet. When the mobile device accesses the internet connection, the data collected so far is sent to the server by the application and synchronized automatically.


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