Türk Telekom Project

Türk Telekom has been conducting R&D studies on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since 1998.

As a result of the pilot studies conducted with MapInfo in data generation, fiber and 118 projects, it was concluded that the most suitable configuration for the whole of Turkey is the establishment of a MapInfo-based GIS system in a centralized structure. Türk Telekom Geographic Information Systems Project, prepared for this purpose, provides the digitization of the entire Turkey’s network inventory, the entry of inventory information and their analysis, queries and reports.

Başarsoft has been working in this project since 2008, working with approximately 50 personnel in Türk Telekom Ankara and Istanbul offices. For the digitization of the network inventory, additional applications have been developed that facilitate the generation of data in certain formats, customized for the institution.

A website has also been designed in order to enable the use of the prepared data in other operations of the institution.

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The system enables users working in provinces to log in to the system and enter the information in their area of responsibility into the system via terminal servers connected to a central database.

Since the architecture is defined with multiple users, it allows more than one user to enter and edit data in the same layer at the same time, and the changes can be followed in the whole system at the same time. By keeping the login information to the system, it is possible to track who updated and deleted the data and when.


Currently, 81 provinces are included in the system and covers the whole of Turkey.

In order to work in harmony with Türk Telekom’s other systems and software, a modular structure working with ORACLE database was designed in project.

Developed modules; general module (authorization, query, output preparation, etc.), spot module (building, building entrance, road middle, address information, etc.), underground module (manhole, trench, feeder, etc.), cable module (local and principal cable network, etc.), fiber active systems module, query and reporting module, digitization module, switchboard boundary module, output preparation module, project preparation module, data transfer module, FTTH, FTTC-B and geographical decision support modules.

For more detailed information, see our Türk Telekom Geographic Information Systems (TTGIS) Project brochure.

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