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Creating and Managing Geographically Based Fiber Investment Projects

FiberPlan is a geographically based web application that enables the automatic creation and management of fiber investment projects through a single system.

Among the system’s general capabilities are:

  • • The ability to track project requests within authorization,
  • • The ability to design automatic fiber network infrastructure for project areas,
  • • The ability to view project costs instantly with reporting feature,
  • • The ability to integrate with different systems.

Detailed Information about FiberPlan

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Automatic Fiber Planning

Optimal fiber infrastructure can be designed within seconds within the specified area.

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Request Tracking

Project requests can be tracked geographically in a single system.

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Estimated costs can be calculated and reported on a material and labor basis.

The Value FiberPlan Adds to Its User


Viewing and Comparing

Helps Minimize
User Errors

Inventory and Costs

Fast Integration with
ERP, SAP and GIS Systems

Open Source
Flexible Infrastructure

FiberPlan F.A.Q.

Can the created plan data be transferred to GIS?

Yes, according to the suitability of the structure, direct transfer can be made or the drawn plan data can be exported.

Are overhead and underground lines included in the infrastructure drawing?

Yes, both line types are included.

Can the project with the drawing plan be updated later?

Yes, rebuilding or manual editing is possible.


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