Vehicle Tracking System Map Base

Tile Maps API and Reverse Geocode

Vehicle Tracking System (Asset Tracking) service, in short, is a system for tracking assets moving in the field and sending location. For example, it is specialized in areas such as baby, pet, vehicle, truck, truck, person tracking.

Başarsoft provides services for Mapping and Address search to companies that provide Asset Tracking (Vehicle Tracking System) services in this sector. The services we provide to our users are Tile Maps API (API to display map) and Reverse Geocode (converting of X,Y coordinate to address).

Detailed Information about Vehicle Tracking Systems Map Base

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Vehicle Tracking System Map Base Service Highlights


Address Search with
Current Most Updated Address Data


Working as On-Premise
and Web Service



Vehicle Tracking System Map Base F.A.Q.

How is pricing done?

Pricing is calculated per vehicle.

What is the usage quota for the Tile Maps and Reverse Geocode Service?

There is no query limit for these 2 APIs for the asset tracking license.

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