Provincial-District-Neighborhood Boundaries

Neighborhood Boundaries Coverage 100% in City Centers, 98% in Rural Areas (*)

(*) According to the number of official quarters, the missing ones are plateau, unit, etc. seasonal settlements.

Provincial-District-Neighborhood Boundaries data is a digital map created by taking into account the administrative division in Turkey. While establishing the provincial and district borders, they were formed by taking into account the natural borders (river, lake, mountain, hill) and the border signs determined in the field studies.

Province-District-Neighborhood boundaries data were created as area and point data. While generating point data, production was made by considering the place where commercial and social activity is intense in the settlement, not the polygon center. Thus, when one goes into the neighborhood, it is ensured that one goes to the very center of the settlement, not to the forested or field areas in the neighborhood.

Detailed Information about Provincial-District-Neighborhood Boundaries

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Highlights About Provincial-District-Neighborhood Boundaries


Coverage of 98%


Data Generation
as Area and Point


Hierarchical Data
Fully Compatible with NAD

F.A.Q. About Provincial-District-Neighborhood Boundaries

What is the coverage rate in border data?

There is a matching rate of 100% in the province and district data, and 98% in the neighborhood data.

In what formats can you provide data?

Data can be given in Geojson, KML, shape and tab formats. It can also be translated into many geographic formats.

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