TSUNAMI Project is a set of geographic information management systems of TURKSAT, primarily created for the purpose of digitizing its cable infrastructure assets, as well as aiming to manage and plan its services and business processes more effectively and efficiently through a single system.

With the project, the data on TURKSAT paper sheets were transferred to the GIS environment, providing ease of management and intervention through a central system.

With the developed GIS software, it has been ensured that the data is produced, updated and managed in accordance with the topology within the rules over a central system, and reports can be received through this system.

  • • The developed desktop, web and mobile applications work through the central database, providing instant access to the most up-to-date data.
  • • Customers can be tracked by geocoding their addresses in the map environment and service quality is increased.
  • • With the developed Android-based mobile application, work orders can be listed, work orders can be accessed by navigating, and work order detail information can be viewed and terminated.
  • • Mobile devices can be tracked and reported on the system.
  • • With TSUNAMI GIS applications, managers can be easily accessed according to their needs; It can present reports containing instant or periodic data.
  • • With TSUNAMI GIS applications, reports that are convenient, easily accessible, containing instant or periodic data can be presented to the managers.

TURKSAT Cable TV – TSUNAMI Presentation