Location Based Banking Solutions

GeoBanking is a mechanism that monitors banks according to their current location based situations, potential zones and clients on the map and provides the ability of making analysis using charts.

GeoBanking was created by software development team who mostly focused on GIS technologies. This product is fed from Turkey’s most comprehensive map components that are produced by Başarsoft.

Besides including demographic & socio – economic data, GeoBanking also uses more than 3.7 million POI data which are collected by Başarsoft from the field.

With GeoBanking;

  • • Reduce cost of field of expertise and analysis of ATM/Branch selection.
  • • Increase your customer’s satisfaction by serving in the correct location.
  • • Allows for serving the right product to your potential clients.
  • • Have an advantage in rivalry by making higher efficiency visual and location based Gap analysis.

Detailed Information about Geobanking

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Reach to Actual & Large Data Sets

  • • Points of Interest (POI’s)
  • • Statistical data access
  • • Corporate data access
  • • Operational data sets
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Location Based Layers and Data

  • • Başar Map Server
  • • Başarsoft POI datas
  • • Geographical Analysis
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Located Based Business Intelligence

  • • Enriched Business Data
  • • Monitoring on the Digital Map
  • • Analysing
  • • Reporting

Track Your Branch, ATM and Potential Zones

With Başarsoft’s solutions, you can track your ATM, branches and locations that you are inadequate at. You can also make your investment plans come true in the future with Başarsoft POI data.

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You can view your clients on the map and make analysis with charts in various themes according to parameters that you defined for your customers.

This function provides to create your strategic plans, makes easier to find your clients using location and makes it possible to check distribution of your Branch/ATM according to the density of your customers.

Be Aware of Your Rivals

With POI data Başarsoft produced, you can view your rivals branch/ATM and where are they located. With this you can analyse areas that your bank needs to be improved. Besides this, you can have an opportunity to grow your business and reach your potential clients by exploring territories that your rivals haven’t been yet.

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Determine to Streets that Have a Commercial Meaning 

You can detect streets that have a meaning for your operations according to your business criteria and their commercial values.


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