Service Route Optimization

Rotaban is a route calculation, optimization, visualization, and management system designed for corporate companies operating in the field of personnel transportation services, working through internet browsers.

The aim of Rotaban is to create distribution plans for personnel according to vehicles for institutions, to calculate, visualize, and ensure the sustainable management of the service system by determining the optimal routes of these vehicles according to the specified criteria through its own infrastructure.


Detailed Information about Rotaban

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Vehicle and Personnel Tracking

• Provides operational transparency and control by tracking vehicle routes, driver information, occupancy capacity, and location at specified time intervals.
• Allows personnel and managers to see the locations of relevant vehicles through data from vehicle tracking systems.

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Route Optimization and Details

• Routes are created based on personnel home addresses using Başarsoft's optimization services, and automatic walking route calculation can be performed for the created routes.
• Information such as total km traveled, average capacity of your vehicles, and average walking distance of your personnel are displayed.
• Work results can be output as KML.

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• The section where vehicles and drivers belonging to the service-providing company are recorded and managed.
• Records are created for different transportation companies providing service.
• Entries and management of vehicle-related information such as brand, model, plate, capacity, and model year for transportation companies are made.
• Information about drivers affiliated with transportation companies can be managed within the system.

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Integration Infrastructure

• Live location display, display of past routes, and reporting through integration with vehicle tracking systems.
• Collection, display, and reporting of data related to personnel boarding/alighting from vehicles through the Card Personnel Tracking System.
• Real-time matching of personnel information in the Rotaban system with information in the HR system is provided through HR integration.

The Value Rotaban Adds to Its User


Reducing the
Number of Vehicles

Reducing Costs Caused
by Excess Km and Vehicles

Staff Satisfaction

Route Calculation

Number of Services and
Budget Calculation for Tenders

Rotaban Modules

License Module

• Administrator summary with Dashboard

• Assignment of incoming personnel to appropriate services

• Definition of company locations (headquarters, branches, etc.)

• Definition of routes and stops, assignment of personnel to stops

• Display of walking distance and slope to the stop for personnels

• Calculation of travel times and distances for personnel

• Calculation of personnel comfort score

• Definition of services and drivers, compliance checks, blacklist

• Management of vehicle and driver documents

• Wide range of reporting options

• Route changes

• Calculation of new routes based on stops or home addresses

Service Tracking System Module

• Real-time and retrospective tracking of service locations, speed, and km information on the map

• Tracking of start times, arrival and departure at stops, and arrival at the location

• Tracking of violations

• Late start of service

• Late arrival and early departure from stops

• Speeding violations

• Late arrival and early departure from the location

• Control of distance between planned and actual routes

• Measurement of additional distance due to roadworks or additional trips due to extra work (overtime, etc.)

Route Optimization Module

• Route optimization based on specified criteria

• Maximum walking distance from home to stop

• Maximum/minimum occupancy rate

• Earliest start/latest end

• Maximum km/duration

• Pickup of special-case personnel from their homes

• Ability to work on route(s) by route or geographic region or altogether

• Accurate measurement and results based on traffic information and geographical coordinates

Personnel Tracking Module

• System with card reader

• Works by swiping cards used at entry to the company or cards provided by Başarsoft at boarding and alighting from the service (mounted next to the door)

• Tracking of when personnel board the service from which stop and at what time

• Comparison of planned and actual occupancy rates

• Identification of personnel not using the service

• Automatic notification to personnel not using the service and removal of service usage after notification mail

• Real-time personnel information inside the vehicle

• Tracking of service vehicle location

Rotaban F.A.Q.

Does the application provide progress payment reports?

Yes, the application provides progress payment reports based on personnel and vehicles.

Can I deploy the application on my own servers?

The application can be used either in a cloud environment or on-premise.

How often is data updated?

Map data updates are performed as needed and at specified intervals.


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