MAPEG Project

Mining activities related to the exploration and operation of mines are carried out by MİGEM (MAPEG as its new name).

In this context;

  • — Issuing mining licenses without mistakes,
  • — To monitor the mining activities in the mining license areas,
  • — To keep the mine registry, to follow the general inventory of the mines,
  • — To ensure that the transactions are carried out more easily, error-free and correctly

GIS applications are needed in line with the developing technology.

MAPEG, the institution that gives and supervises the Mineral Exploration and operation licenses in Turkey, gave Meteksan the renew and update the system investments it had made years ago at the end of 2004 with bidding.

Başarsoft has developed the license application and evaluation software for the project on the web and in-house.

  • — In 2004, the Mining Law was renewed with Law No. 5177.
  • — The project started in June 2004 under the integration of Meteksan and was fully put into use in June 2005.
  • — The system is developed with up-to-date technologies such as Oracle 10g, Java, Visual Basic.
  • — MapInfo Pro (Client) MapXtreme Java (Internet) environments are used as GIS software.