River-Lake Data

600.000 KM Stream Network

River-Lake data is generated by digitizing online satellite images and orthophotos belonging to the General Directorate of Maps. Position accuracy is +/-3 meters. Streams with a bed width greater than 5 meters are digitized as areas, while smaller streams are digitized as polylines.

Large water areas such as dams, lakes, ponds and Tuzla are digitized as areas and their type and name information is entered. In addition, stagnant water surfaces are classified according to their intended use. In addition, artificial and natural water areas are separated.

Detailed Information about River-Lake Data

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River-Lake Data Service Highlights


600.000 KM of
River Network


Data Classified
According to The Strahler Method


All Water Surfaces Larger
Than 50 m2 (Including Pools)

River-Lake Data F.A.Q.

Is there watershed information in the data?

It is data divided into 25 basins.

Is there any Strahler info?

There is a Strahler classification up to level 8.

Are dam sites available?

Dam areas are drawn.

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