Warehouse Management and Logistics Application

Warehouse management is now at your fingertips!

WareLogi offers warehouse owners a powerful material management experience.

Quickly define your warehouse, areas, and materials with the web application, and easily organize your tasks. With the QR scanning feature on your Android and iOS devices, you can instantly view the locations of your materials and complete your exit processes in seconds.

Additionally, keep control of your warehouse operations with detailed reports offered by the application. Optimize your warehouse inventory and make your business processes more efficient.

Meet WareLogi for fast, practical, and powerful warehouse management!


Detailed Information about WareLogi

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Manage Your Storage Processes from the Cloud Environment

• Manage your material entries and exits in the Cloud environment by making pallet, container, and material definitions with the web application.

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Mobile Application

• View the material location with the QR scanning feature on Android and iOS devices and perform exit processes.

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Warehouse Locations and Occupancy Rates

• View warehouse locations and occupancy rates on the map from a single location.

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• Easily track your warehouse and customer operations with the dynamic reporting panel.

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Planning and Demand Management

• Easily manage warehouse material entry and exit requests with the application's planning feature and share reports with your team instantly and accurately.

The Value WareLogi Adds to Its User

Easy Warehouse
and Material Definitions

View Warehouse Occupancy
Rates Based on Location

Manage Material Entry
and Exit Requests

Material Exit Processes with
The Mobile Application's QR Feature

Generate Reports Based on
Warehouse, Customer, and Material

Integration Infrastructure
with Systems Such as SAP, CRM

PowernetMaestro Modules

Warehouse Management Module

Easily manage your warehouses, materials, and customers using the web application.

Customer Request Module

Your customers using your warehouse can instantly view their own areas and materials. Additionally, they can quickly and easily create material entry and exit requests.

WareLogi F.A.Q.

How is the warehouse occupancy rate calculated?

The sizes and available spaces of the defined warehouses can be determined through the application. Accordingly, a calculation is made based on the dimensions of the entered materials.

Is there a separate application for warehouse employees?

Authorizations are defined specifically for warehouse managers to use only the mobile application. This way, they can view data only for the warehouse they are responsible for.

Can my customers view their data through the application?

By assigning users for customers using your warehouse, you can allow your customers to view only their own data.


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