Live and Historical Traffic Data

BaşarTrafik calculates historical, instant and predicted traffic on Başarsoft Turkey road network with big data architecture and artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Historical Traffic: Traffic information formed on a road at time t-1 , that is, before a certain t0
  • Instantaneous Traffic: At t0, that is, real-time traffic information on a road.
  • Projected Traffic: Traffic information that may occur at the time of t+1, that is, at a future date on a road.

Vehicle location, speed, direction, altitude, etcç taken from different types of vehicles (automobile, truck, etc.) served by contracted institutions. The traffic flow density is determined by using the information.

There is an average of 500.000 GPS information served per minute, this number is increasing day by day with new partnerships and the closeness of the system to the real flow can be determined.


Detailed Information about BaşarTrafik

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By using new technologies, vehicle GPS information of the past 10 years constitutes a large pool in the system and is growing day by day.

The project also produces other products besides flow density according to the requirements.

  • • Accident–Black Spots detection
  • • Smart zones
  • • Production of outputs such as social, economic and livability of regions
  • • Other POI (Point of Interest), road, settlement areas data owned by Başarsoft are included in the system.
  • • Multi-Type routing

The solutions are realized by using domestic and national resources.

With the privacy policies we have signed with contracted institutions and organizations, the protection of user data is ensured.

The system is designed to serve as B2B and B2C.

In B2B systems, institutions and organizations can safely use the project content within their own systems.

Project outputs are used in Başarsoft’s other products.

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