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Base map is a map service used in the visualization of geographic data and opened in the background according to need.

Başarsoft Base Map Service;

Google Maps, Google satellite images, Bing and Başarsoft Map Server(BMS) are served as base map. You can also use the orthophoto image and high-resolution satellite images provided by Başarsoft.

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What is the use of base map?

Base maps are the most basic requirement of any location-based application and most mapping products. These maps make it possible for your users to find important places, POI points and many needed points by giving reference information in geospatial studies.

Base maps provide map users with a general framework and perspective. Different data layers can be added on top of base map. These maps can provide users with geospatial information about the study areas.

Satellite data, orthophotos, topographic maps and digital elevation models are used as base maps.

  • − Orthophoto base maps can be created with satellite images, aerial and drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) photographs.
  • − You can obtain up-to-date data on the earth with satellite images.

You can be used base maps in Engineering, Hydrogeology, Geology, Utilities, Demographic analysis and Projects.

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Base Map F.A.Q.

What services can I use for map pads?

You can use Google Maps, Google satellite images, Bing and Başarsoft Map Server (BMS) services for map bases.

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