KCETAS Project

Electrical energy is an indispensable part of daily life, as well as the key to industrialization and production.

Kayseri is one of the big and well-established cities of Turkey. Also, it is a large industrial city with many leading industrial establishments and factories of Turkey within its borders.

KCETAS is Turkey’s first private electricity distribution company. The company follows the latest technologies to monitor and manage all infrastructure inventory in order to provide good service to its customers.

A sustainable GIS system requires the management of large infrastructures and good customer service. In the KCETAS project, a system that can be easily observed and updated, which will enable the institution to achieve its primary goals, produce faster and more effective solutions to problems, in accordance with the work flow logic, instead of separate processes and constantly repetitive high-cost field operations, is aimed to keep the work and data up-to-date.

An up-to-date database without the necessary details shown on the map affects field operations and planning. In the project, it is aimed to obtain detailed reports that should be submitted to the competent authorities in the energy market.

  • • Fast and better service to customers
  • • Effective use of resources for critical need and improvements
  • • Effective management of maintenance, restructuring, renovation and illegal use of electricity
  • • Inventory and infrastructure management
  • • Efficient data sharing for users

For detailed information, you can view KCETAS brochure.

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