Natural Gas Infrastructure Management Software

GasnetMaestro (Natural Gas Infrastructure Management Software), is an information system in which geographical-based address and network data are digitized and transferred to digital media, in which the integrity and management of the data is easily ensured, and the subscribers in the Subscriber Information System can be tracked more easily with their real and accurate locations on the map.

With GasnetMaestro, fault maintenance/repair, meter installation and removal operations can be performed faster and more coordinated through the correct locations of address and network data. In addition, by generating reports based on subscriber consumption and number of subscribers, answers to questions such as where consumption is high and where potential subscribers are can be found.

With GasnetMaestro, users can quickly access map data from mobile devices by preparing maps needed for operational processes in the field.

GasnetMaestro provides a systematic and accurate management of the increasing natural gas demand through processes such as correct address data structure, regular and sensitive network – address drawings, data migrations and transfer of data created in other CAD and GIS environments to the system, subscriber-field operations, coordinate transformations and facilitating central administrations.


Detailed Information about GasnetMaestro

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Smarten Your
Data Conversion Processes

• In order to carry out data migrations in a correct and regular manner, the data prepared in different formats are cleaned and digitized, necessary format and projection transformations are made and transferred to the database.
• In data transformation processes, errors in the data owned by the institutions can be quickly reported and regulated.

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Manage Your Data Effectively

• GasnetMaestro offers opportunities such as adding new data to the system, updating the added data, and has powerful drawing tools for enriching the base maps.
• Point, line and area objects can be created on the map. Drawings of network elements such as pipeline, service line, hottap, welding point, cathodic protection, service box, valve can be easily prepared with the relevant buttons and added to the system instantly.
• Data recorded in different coordinate systems are directly integrated into the system, allowing accurate and precise digitization.

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Effective and Easy Management

• With the multi-functional GIS web application, hierarchical address inquiries, network inquiries, work order inquiries and sector/region based inquiries can be made.
• Query results are displayed with thematic mapping, allowing the work done to be followed in an understandable way.
• Detailed reports and analysis configurations can be followed up with system requirements.

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Detailed Network Analysis

• Related analyzes such as subscribers, natural gas pipelines, buildings can be made on the map. For example; It is possible to determine the optimal valves required for a selected pipe to remain gasless on the map, to determine the affected network data and address (subscriber) data after the optimal valves are closed, and displays with different colors and symbols on the map.
• With the integration of the subscriber information management system, short messages can be sent to the affected subscribers, if needed.

The Value GasnetMaestro Adds to Its User

Rule Based
Drawing Ability

Inquiry and Reporting


Data Entry

Ability to Work
in Different Formats

Network Analysis
and Simulation Capability

GasnetMaestro Modules

Address Data Management

The rules in the address definition steps ensure that data entry people produce data with the correct addresses. Addresses added or updated to the system can be viewed instantly. Subscriber information on the buildings can be easily accessed and subscription transactions can be performed quickly.

Inquiry feature; can make inquiries using address data and detailed information such as street/street, building and door numbers. These inquiries can be displayed on the map. Information such as the subscriber’s contract information, subscription status and gas status can be displayed on the map and analyzes can be made on the basis of addresses.

Leak Detection Module

It can be used easily on tablets with its interface specially designed for in-car use. The data coming from your leak detection device can be directly transferred to the system through integration with the device or via web services, and natural gas leak detection scans can be performed on the network data in the system. After scanning, you can analyze the results and get customized reports.

Duplicate scans are avoided with the leak detection module. Thanks to the speed limit, erroneous scans that may occur are prevented. By determining the leak points that occur, network elements for maintenance and repair can be marked on the map. It can reveal screening and leakage data in accordance with EMRA regulation, and allows processes to be managed quickly and effectively.

Project Design Module

The entire process, from the design phase of the natural gas project processes to the realization phase of the grid data, can be followed end-to-end via GIS. As the beginning of the project, exploration processes can be carried out, projects can be designed considering geographical and administrative constraints, estimated budgets for the designed projects can be monitored instantly. After the budget approvals, the implementation of different project types (Network Expansion, Network Improvement, Individual, Displacement, etc.) in the field can be monitored instantly by creating manufacturing forms via the mobile application. It can be integrated with systems such as SAP and ORACLE for material reduction and realization of progress payments.

Web Output Module

With the GasnetMaestro Web Output Module, layers (address information, pipeline, service information, etc.) belonging to a selected area can be added, color, style and font changes can be applied on these layers and a layout can be output. Project-related information, north arrow and scale bar can be added on the printout.

By scanning the QR code of the output prepared in the layout module, it can be viewed on mobile devices without the need for any application, and access to attribute information can be provided.

Network Data Management

Creating, updating and editing network data is easier and more practical with this module. The previously created data in different formats can be transferred to the system and edited and updated with the help of digitization tools on the network data management module. Drawings can be made from the measurement files collected from the field, the actual length values ​​for the lines and the elevation information for the network elements can be directly calculated and processed into the data. In this way, it is ensured that correct and regular data are managed.

Reporting Module

Users can report analyzes by making analyzes on the data in the system. Analyzes and reports; Can be exported in formats such as *.xls/*.xlsx and *.pdf or output directly

GasnetMaestro F.A.Q.

Is it possible to transfer data from CADs and similar applications or transfer data to the outside? Which formats can be transferred?

Yes, it is possible. Commonly used .shp, .dxf, .txt, .dwg etc. Data transfer in formats is available. In addition, the data in the .tab format within the GasnetMaestro application can be exported in different formats.

Does GasnetMaestro have integrations with different systems?

Integration is important for the in-house units to work together. Integration with different systems such as SAP, Oracle, SCADA, Subscriber Information Management System and some public institutions is available.

Is it possible to add smart data with GasnetMaestro?

When the added data intersects with the previous line, it can automatically receive information from that line.

Can the system perform topological checks via GasnetMaestro?

With the network monitoring, it is possible to monitor the topological controls of the system according to the selected flow direction. Thus, both drawing direction errors and Snap errors can be displayed and removed.

Is it possible to diagnose faults with GasnetMaestro?

You can do network analysis with GasnetMaestro. According to the results of the analysis, you can inform the subscribers by sending automatic short messages to the subscribers who will be affected by the failure, thanks to the SMS integration.

Is it possible to rule based drawing with Gasnet Maestro?

The rules determined by the institution are defined in the application, preventing users from drawing incorrectly and directing them to the correct drawing.

Can we report with GasnetMaestro?

Thanks to the predefined reports, you can easily create the reports requested by EMRA with GasnetMaestro.

Can we access the logs of the users?

With Gasnetmaestro, all transactions of users are recorded. You can view the log records of all users.

Is it possible to switch between databases? Which databases does Gasnet Maestro work with?

GasnetMaestro works with PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL. It is possible to switch between databases.

Can GasnetMaestro work in the terminal structure?

GasnetMaestro; By installing it on a server, a terminal app can be created, and the terminal can be used by configuring the user to see only the application without seeing the server interface.


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