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GasnetMaestro (Natural Gas Infrastructure Information System) is an information system in which geographical-based address and network data are digitized and transferred to digital environment, ensuring the integrity and management of the data, and easier tracking of the subscribers in the CRM with their real and accurate locations on the map.

With GasnetMaestro, fault maintenance/repair, meter installation and removal processes can be performed faster and more coordinated through the correct locations of address and network data. In addition, reports can be produced according to subscriber consumption and the number of subscribers, and answers to the questions of where the consumption is intense and where the potential subscribers are can be found.

With the GasnetMaestro, maps needed for operational processes in the field can be prepared, allowing users to quickly access map data from mobile devices.

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Data Conversion Operations

In order to carry out data migrations in a correct and regular manner, the data prepared in different formats are cleaned and digitized, and necessary format and projection transformations are made and transferred to the database. In addition, in data conversion processes, errors in the data owned by institutions can be quickly reported and regulated.

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Address Data Management Module

In order to manage the address data correctly, rules are defined in the address definition steps. For example, when defining a street, rules such as the rule that there cannot be a street with the same name in the neighborhood or the rule that there cannot be the same door number on the same street while defining a door, are defined to ensure that data entry people produce correct data. Addresses added or updated to the system can be viewed instantly over the CRM, as it works integrated with the CRM owned by the institution. Thus, subscriber information on buildings can be easily accessed and subscription transactions can be performed quickly.

Thanks to the query feature in the desktop application, inquiries can be made using detailed information such as address data and street, building and door numbers. These inquiries can be displayed on the map. The queried address data can be exported and output in *.xls / *.xlsx format. With the desktop application, information such as the subscriber’s contract information, subscription status and gas status can be displayed on the map, and analyzes can be made on the basis of addresses. Arrangements can be made for the acceptance or rejection of subscriptions based on industry and region, and necessary restrictions can be placed.

Network Data Management Module

Creating, updating and editing network data is easier and more practical with this module. The previously created data in different formats can be transferred to the system and edited and updated with the help of digitization tools on the network data management module. In this way, it is ensured that the correct and regular data are managed.

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Leak Detection Module

The leak detection module, which is a tablet application designed for in-vehicle use, has been developed to facilitate field work of natural gas distribution companies. Scans, analyzes and reports can be made on the live data in the system.

With this module, repeated scans are prevented and faulty scans are revealed thanks to the speed limit. Leakage points are determined and network elements for maintenance and repair are marked on the map, allowing processes such as maintenance and repair to be carried out quickly and effectively. It ensures the detection of screening and leakage data in accordance with energy markets supervisory board regulation.

Reporting Module

Users analyze the data in the system and report their analysis. Analysis and reports can be exported in formats such as *.xls/*.xlsx and *.pdf or sent directly to output.

Data Management

While GasnetMaestro offers opportunities such as adding new data to the system, updating the added data, it has powerful drawing tools for enriching the base maps. Point, line and area objects can be created on the map. Drawings of network elements such as pipeline, service line, hot tap, welding point, cathodic protection, service box, valve can be easily made with the relevant buttons. Information about the drawn network elements can be added to the system instantly.

Style updates can be made to all network elements instantly from the administration panel. Layers in different data formats can be opened instantly and displayed on the map. The data recorded in different coordinate systems are integrated directly into the system, allowing accurate and precise digitization. Data prepared in different formats can be converted to MapInfo Pro format (*.tab) and transferred to the system.

GIS Web Application

The system can be managed effectively and easily with the multi-functional GIS Web Application, which is developed based on the duties, needs and authorizations of the users.

With the GIS Web Application, hierarchical address (provincial/district/neighbourhood/street based) inquiries, network (eg pipe type, 3D representation of pipes) inquiries, work order inquiries and sector/region based inquiries can be made. The results of the query are displayed with thematic mapping, which is one of the most effective methods of data representation, allowing the studies to be followed in an understandable way. With the obtained query results, reporting and analysis can be made, and system requirements and processes can be followed.

Web Output Module

With the GasnetMaestro Web Output Module, layers (address information, pipeline, service information, etc.) belonging to a selected area can be added and color, style and font changes can be applied on the layers and the layout can be output. Project-related information, north arrow and scale bar can be added on the printout.

By scanning the QR code of the output prepared in the layout module, it can be viewed directly on the browser without the need for any application on mobile devices, and access to attribute information can be provided.

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Network Analysis

Analyzes about subscribers, natural gas pipelines and buildings can be made on the map. E.g; It is possible to determine the optimal valves required for a selected pipe to remain gasless on the map, and after the determined optimal valves are closed, the affected network data and address (subscriber) data can be determined, and displays with different colors and symbologies on the map can be provided.

In addition, analysis results can be exported in *.xls / *.xlsx format. In case of need, SMS can be sent to the affected subscribers with the integration of the subscriber information management system.


The Natural Gas Infrastructure Information Systems (GasnetMaestro) application, which we started and developed with the policy of keeping up with the digitalizing world, is a solution-oriented system with developments and integrations for the needs of the smart infrastructure information systems sector. In this context, it is designed to systematically and accurately manage the increasing natural gas demand through processes such as correct address data structure, regular and precise network-address drawings, data migrations and transfer of data created in other CAD and GIS environments to the system, subscriber-field operations, coordinate transformations and facilitating central administrations.

For detailed information, you can view our GasnetMaestro Brochure brochure.

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