What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud solution that saves you from purchasing hardware, electricity costs related to operating and cooling the system, and having extra personnel to keep the system afloat.Google Cloud Console Ne İşe Yarar

Google runs these services for you in its own data centers. It is a platform where you are charged monthly (Pay-as-you-go) based on the amount of services you use during the month.

Google services such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Play also run in the same data centers.

Google Cloud sets a precedent for reliability with 99.95% availability and no scheduled downtime. Our extensive global network helps you achieve the lowest possible latency and seamlessly handle sudden spikes in internet traffic.

What Does Google Cloud Platform Do?

Whether your business is at the beginning or further stages of its digital transformation journey, Google Cloud’s solutions and technologies help you find your way to success.

Detailed Information about Google Cloud Platform

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Information About Google Cloud Console

If you prefer to use a user interface through the browser, you can use the Cloud Console to manage your resources.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Cloud Platform command line tool, GCloud or the RESTful API.

It is a console where you can manage, view and get reports on all your usages.

Google Cloud Platform Console

Google Cloud Platform Turkey Partner

Google Cloud Platform Turkey Partner Başarsoft includes Google Certified experts who have a high level of education and have made their customers successful by using Google Cloud.

What is Google Cloud API Key?

Google Cloud API Key is the key that enables querying with the APIs in the system.

How to Get Google Cloud API Key? You can click on the link for detailed information.

Google Cloud Products

Featured Google Cloud Products

Compute Engine

Virtual machines running in Google’s data center.

Cloud CDN

Content publishing network to deliver web and video content.

Cloud Storage

Secure, durable and scalable object storage.


Stream analytics for stream processing and batch processing.

Google Cloud SDK

Command line tools and libraries for Google Cloud.


A suite of monitoring, logging, and application performance.

Cloud SQL

Relational database services for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

Cloud Run

Fully managed environment for running containerized applications.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Managed environment for running containerized applications.

Cloud Functions

Big Query

Data warehouse with business agility and analytics.

For more detailed information about the products, you can visit https://cloud.google.com/products

For questions about Google Cloud Platform, you can send an e-mail to google@basarsoft.com.tr

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