Konya Şeker Project

Purpose of the Project: To create an agricultural map information system for sugar factories by using GPS (Global Positioning System).

Objectives of the Project: To discipline the beet cultivation areas with the support of satellite photography by using different colors for each year and to create the alternation areas at the end of 4 years. This project was developed for the first time in Turkey with the work of Başarsoft and Konya Şeker. The project can be developed.

How does the system work?

  • • Measuring fields with handheld computers,
  • • Transferring the measurements to the main computer and controlling them,
  • • Uploading the checked information back to the handheld computer.

Measurements are stored annually; the measurement colors of each year are stored differently and at the end of 4 years, the alternation areas will be clearly visible.

The program stores measurements in eight regions and centers.

Each region makes measurements and corrections in its own cultivation area.

The finalized data in the regions are sent to the hand terminals and the relevant common area for the center. In this way, the measurements of the entire region up to that point can be seen by the measurement personnel in the hand terminals and repeated measurements are prevented.

In the central computer, the measurements of each region are seen separately and their information is accessed.