POI (Point of Interest)

Nearly 5 Million POI Data

POI (Point of Interest) is a broad data that includes all commercial or non-commercial place names or businesses.

Başarsoft POI Data Service 

POI data has been collected from street to street in the field since 2005. Now there are nearly 5 million POI data in nearly 500 categories. Up-to-date content is created by recording information such as the name, contact information and category of the businesses.

POI data is very dynamic data and can change even within 1 week. For this reason, certain sectors are constantly followed on the web. POI data of sectors and companies are kept up to date with monthly or at the latest quarterly periods. In addition, nearly 2000 brands are constantly followed on the internet.


Detailed Information about POI

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Percentages of our POI data by main category:

Trade Areas
Energy Production, Distribution
Entertainment Places
Housing Areas
Cultural Facilities
Water, Sewage, Garbage
Health Institutions
Educational Institutions
Agricultural Production Areas
Industry and Production Areas
Green Areas
Governmental Institution
Military Institutions
Financial Institutions
Historical and Touristic Facilities
Sports Facilities
Non-Governmental Organizations
Institutions for Social Purposes
Restaurants and Cafes
Religious Facilities

The main sectors followed are:

Bank and ATM
Vehicle Charging Stations
Automative Industry
Furniture makers
Chain Markets
Clothing Stores
Eating Places
Electronic Markets
Construction Markets
Rent a car
Shoes Slippers Bag

Turkey’s Current POI Data

Within the POI data produced and updated from many sources; signage information, contact information, current address information, photographs taken from the front of the POI in the field and visuals of the enterprise. In addition, information such as products and brands sold within the business, package service information, working hours are also recorded.

Highlights About Our POI Data


Constantly Updated Data


Accurate Location Data


Detailed Attribute Data

POI Data F.A.Q.

Dou you have options to purchase and renting?

We have the options to buy and rent.

How many times a year is your data updated?

Başarsoft has up-to-date POI data of Turkey. Our data is updated twice a year.

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