Field Data Collection

Qualified POI and Navigation Data

Data collected from the field, geographical or commercial data are data that are constantly changing. Therefore, these data must always be up to date. Başarsoft has been collecting data from the field uninterruptedly with its own tools since 2007.

Data is collected with cameras placed on field vehicles to receive data from 3 different angles. In addition, the field operator can enter data independently of the camera.

The collected data is processed by the office staff and transformed into digital maps that will appeal to different sectors.
Among the collected data are POI (Point of Interest) data in more than 400 categories, data to be used in the production of navigation data (such as building floor heights).

Detailed Information about Field Data Collection

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Field Data Collection Service Highlights


Fieldwork That Continues
Uninterrupted Every Day Of The Year


Data Collected
With Photographs

Field Data Collection F.A.Q.

Do you take photos in the field?

Photographs are taken from 3 different angles with the cameras on the vehicles.

Do you do fieldwork in each region?

Fieldwork can be done anywhere in Turkey.

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