Flood, Disaster and Intervention Spatial Information System

TAMBIS is a project which is carried out with Turkish Republic Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works. It has vital importance to obtain information about the time, location and severity of the floods immediately, in terms of the content, size and timing of the measures to be taken. With this project, photographs and descriptive information indicating the status of the disaster are transferred to the spatial information system together with the location information obtained via smart phones. Information flow is provided to senior management and alarm teams via SMS and e-mail. In this project, both mobile and web applications are developed.


With the use of TAMBIS, GIS–based flood, failure and response facility/notification information can be transferred to digital media, thus facilitating their follow–up. By knowing where the users in the information system are in the real world, notification and intervention procedures can be found.

Since infrastructure information system works together with the database, the transactions made by a user in the multi-user system can be viewed by other users.

Also, drawing operations are carried out within the framework of certain rules thus a healthy data can be obtained. As a result, the possibility of making mistakes for the user is minimized.

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