Road Network Data

Road Network Updated Every Month

Road network data includes inter-city roads connecting settlements and all road data designed for vehicle or pedestrian use in the city. The entire road network has been created to complement each other without interruption. This generated data contains features that can be used for many purposes. There are many data in the data set such as road name, road types, speed limit information, intersection types, international road names, road pavement information, whether the road is closed or open according to vehicle or pedestrian traffic, road directions.

Başarsoft road data is constantly updated with field teams and an office team that are experts in their fields every day of the year. In certain periods, each settlement is visited by field teams and the collected data is processed and enriched by the office team. With these data collected by means of camera vehicles, there is a continuous production of data according to different usage purposes. In addition, changes in the road network are constantly monitored thanks to satellite images and instant data from vehicle tracking systems, and an up-to-date road network data is prepared every month.


Detailed Information about Road Network Data

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Road Network Data Highlights


1 Million Km
Road Network


Navigation Support Down
to The Smallest Settlement


Navigation Suitable
for Pedestrian Mode


Over 80% Road Name
Rate in City Centers


Alternative and Historical
Road Name Information

Road Network Data F.A.Q.

At what intervals is the road data updated?

All Turkey road network data is updated twice a year.

Does it have navigation feature?

It has navigation support down to the smallest settlement.

Can it be converted to different formats?

OSM, shapefile vs. can be converted to many geographic data formats.

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