Gören Göz

Barrier-Free Navigation


Gören Göz is a software that runs on iOS and Android operating systems, designed to enable visually impaired people to reach their destination by walking and/or using public transportation vehicles such as buses and subways with the help of voice commands.

Gören Göz Project, which was initiated in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies so that the visually impaired can benefit from the innovations brought by the information age, and which is carried out to help the visually impaired reach where they want to go and to help them move independently, was expanded again in 2018 with its 3rd version. Within the scope of the project, 25,000 licenses were distributed to be used by the visually impaired in 67 provinces in Turkey.


All application and navigation screens
are designed for the visually impaired

It reads to the visually
impaired user while navigating

It has a
user-customizable interface

F.A.Q. About Gören Göz

Is the app paid?

The application is completely free.

What are the conditions for obtaining the right to use the application?

It is sufficient to have a visually impaired report of more than 70%.

On which platforms does the application work?

Gören Göz works on iOS and Android platforms.


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