EGO Transportation Portal Project

This project is a project prepared by Gazi University for the Transportation Planning and Coordination Branch of the EGO General Directorate, Department of Transportation, within the framework of the protocol signed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Gazi University to develop joint service projects. In the project, MapInfo Pro was used as a subcontractor of Başarsoft for the services related to Geographic Information Systems.

Within the scope of the work, the lines, routes and stops of all public transportation types used in Ankara city transportation were transferred to the GIS environment by collecting data from the field.

The information obtained is used both in the preparation of the Ankara public transport map, and the web-based software allows various queries about the bus lines and stops.

  • → Public transport lines and routes
  • → Public transport stops and stations
  • → Taxi stands
  • → Rebar Areas
  • → District Boundaries
  • → Province Borders
  • → Neighborhood Boundaries
  • → Street lines
  • → Important Points

Bus Data

  • Vehicle No. Plate No.
  • Speed Location (Stop and Address)
  • Estimated Arrival Time
  • Vehicle Features

Route Data

  • Bus Stop Search
  • Finding Routes
  • Bus Timetable
  • Stop Locations and Routes on the Map

Address Data

  • From where? / To where? Address creation
  • Searching by Address
  • Route Creation
  • Displaying the Route on the Map
  • Key Places

Software Features

  • — The resulting static structure forms the basis for the creation of projects such as smart stop and vehicle tracking systems for dynamic data collection.
  • — Optimization of public transport lines can be achieved.
  • — Obtained data will also provide input for Ankara Transportation Master Plan and will reduce both cost and duration in construction processes.
  • — Web Application, Mobile Web Application, Android Application, iOS Application