Live Traffic Data

Live or Historical Regional Density Analyzes

Live traffic data is a data set created by processing and the raw gps data obtained from asset tracking companies. The raw data which is used in this process belongs to the vehicles roaming on the road network. With the use of live traffic data, live or historical regional density analyzes are possible. In addition, live traffic data contributes to the calculation of arrival time determination in Başarsoft routing and optimization services.


Detailed Information about Live Traffic Data

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Live Traffic Data Service Highlights


Temporal Usage Intensity
Analysis of Road Segments


Regional Traffic
Density Analysis


Optimization of Arrival Times
with Live Traffic Data in Routing Operations


Detection and Analysis
of Newly Built Roads

Live Traffic Data Service F.A.Q.

Can we get live traffic information as a map service?

We can provide live traffic map in raster and vector XYZ tile formats.

Do you have a verbal data service?

You can get raw data as restful service.

Is it possible to get data or analyzes between historical dates and specific regions?

Regarding the needs and requests of our customers, historical and regional traffic data analyses can be performed.

How much historical data is available?

Traffic data has been archived since 2011. Currently, approximately 1 million individual vehicle information is available.

Do you have a vehicle type distinction in your data?

Yes, there is a distinction between passenger cars and trucks. Either the vehicle type information is acquired from the asset tracking company or determined by the machine learning model.


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