Outage Analysis System

PwrMetrix helps to focus on which regions, substations and feeders are causing more cost or loss of revenue based on power outage types, find the places where the cost is highest and provide information to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Distribution Companies Save Millions of TL Every Year!

  • • Finding the 10 most costly outage types
  • • Sorting substations and feeders by downtime costs
  • • Evaluation of budget requests (Benefit-Cost Analysis)

Improving Network Reliability and Resilience

  • • Interactive View – Allows you to see the weak spot in the system in seconds,
  • • Provides the opportunity to prioritize the areas to be corrected,
  • • It provides the opportunity to go into details; Such as feeder, substation, feeding zone.

Detailed Information about PwrMetrix

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Real Time

A.I & GIS Data Analytics
Quick & Easy

Millions of TL Savings
Cost Effective

Accelerate Decision Process - Predictive Predictive Analytics (A.I.)

Data Analysis: Advanced Reports

  • → See patterns affecting reliability indices in seconds,
  • → Get notified by email before you exceed the target threshold,
  • → Produce quick reports to management.

Transformational & Cutting-edge Online SaaS Platform

It combines real-time benchmarking and GIS (Mapbis) Data Analytics and infrastructure social network and experience hub.

Benefit-Cost Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis & Business Decisions are made in minutes instead of weeks and years.

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