Door Number Data

Numbering data (door number data) is the building door number data produced by enriching the resources collected from the field. Door numbers were determined one by one on the photographs taken during the field studies and digitized. In addition, with office studies, data has been enriched by using many sources.

As a result of this study, 21 million door number data was produced. Currently, we have 80% of city centers door number data in Turkey. A hierarchical data was created by associating these data with the road and POI data. The generated data is compatible with NAD.

Detailed Information about Numbering

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Numbering (Door Number Data) Highlights


80% Coverage
in City Centers


Data Compatible
with NAD


Data Associated
with Route and POI

Numbering F.A.Q.

What formats do you provide data in?

Geojson, tab, Shapefile, KML etc.

Can it be taken as an address index?

It can be presented as index data up to the house number level at the provincial level and used as numerical and verbal data.

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