Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES)

Disaster Management and Decision Support System (AYDES) is an information system designed for the effective execution of disaster and emergency management processes.

The system is a holistic platform that includes desktop, geographic information system supported web applications (two-dimensional and three-dimensional) and mobile applications, connected to many internal and external systems and applications.

AYDES has an integrated structure that has been prepared especially in accordance with the scope of the Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP), designed to be used by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), relevant Ministries and provincial organizations, and enables the processes to be carried out effectively and quickly.

It consists of three main components as “Incident Command System”, “Spatial Information System” and “Remediation System” and their sub-components.

  • • MBS 2D web-based application
  • • MBS OHR web-based application
  • • MBS 3D web-based application
  • • MBS mobile application
  • • Integration of MBS with other systems
  • • NVI, UAVT, KPS, TAKBİS, Highways, Meteorology etc. Integration of critical data in disaster management into MBS
  • • MBS Applications Trainings

Data is an indispensable part of a spatial information system.

In this context:

  • • Collecting, producing and presenting spatial data from different institutions and organizations that can be used in disaster management,
  • • Collection of disaster preparedness and mitigation inventory information and emergency plan data from provincial disaster directorates,
  • • Making data transformations in order to establish a disaster and emergency spatial database,
  • • It is planned to perform mapping, visualization and spatial data analysis for disaster management.

For more detailed information, you can view AYDES brochure.

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