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With the use of Hydronet Maestro, GIS-based subscriber, network, network inventory, infrastructure operations can be transferred to digital media and their tracking can be facilitated.

By knowing where the subscribers in the subscriber information system are in the real world, meter removal-installation, maintenance-repair-fault operations and which subscribers may be affected by these operations can be found. In addition, it can be calculated and reported according to need where and how much water is consumed and given.

General System Architecture

The system works over a live database and has a multi-user structure. By working in integration with other systems, it can present live and up-to-date information together with geographical information.

All of the address data in the system database and the creation and updates are carried out with the GIS Desktop Address Application.

Querying, analyzing and reporting the address and network data in the system are carried out with the GIS Web application.


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Subscriber Integration

Subscriber Geocoding work is completed in 3 stages:

Step 1st: Subscriber Address Standardization

Subscriber addresses are organized according to NAD standards; old/new street names, neighborhood names and district names are arranged.

Step 2nd: Placing subscriber data with NAD address standards on the map (Geocoding). In this study, subscribers are coordinated by using Başarsoft base data (road middle, neighborhood, building, building entrance) paired with NAD.

Step 3rd: During the controls of the objectified subscribers, in addition to the address controls, the number of flats in the building obtained from the NAD and the number of subscribers are compared and the missing or excess subscribers in the building are checked.

Network Integration

Network digitization can be performed in 3 stages:

Step 1st: Network inventory analysis is the preliminary work on the environments in which the network data is kept, the storage areas of the data, the hierarchy in which the network inventory should be digitized, and the layers that should be required.

Step 2nd: The layouts should be scanned and transferred to digital media.

Step 3rd: Network data needs to be digitized in GIS environment.

Geographic Database

HydronetMaestro GIS Project needs basic geodata base. This base data set consists of layers provided by Başarsoft. Thanks to the geographical data set, all spatial data analysis can be done. Neighborhood, district or province-based regional analyzes can be made by cross-examination.

It should be noted that; the most important and basic need of a GIS system is a healthy geographic data set. The most sensitive and accurate analysis can be made thanks to subscriber, network data and supporting application interfaces to be done processed on this basis.






HydronetMaestro GIS App Interface

HydronetMaestro is a desktop application where users can perform all drawing operations, reporting and analysis processes required by the system in their own cilents.

The application was developed on MapInfo and prepared on Microsoft ASP .Net platform.


Rapor Örneği 1


Rapor Örneği 2


HydronetMaestro GIS Web Interface

HydronetMaestro is a web application that can be used in the internet or intranet environment without any installation on the computers it will work on in order to use the system more effectively in GIS studies, ensure its integration with subscriber information system and ensure compatibility with the central database.


All GIS Programs work live on the database and create and use the most up-to-date data. HydronetMaestro can integrate with other systems and provides the geographic data they want. In this way, it can prevent inconsistencies and mistakes, it can also take verbal and other data related to the subscriber from them, display it together with geographical data, and use it in analysis.

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