Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Management Software

PowernetMaestro is an operating system that electricity distribution networks can manage online based on rules, and has desktop and web applications. Users authorized in the system can add, edit and query electrical objects on the map, make electrical queries and get graphical results with advanced reporting support.

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Detailed Information about PowernetMaestro

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PowernetMaestro Desktop

  • • Developed with MapInfo Runtime.
  • • Data entries and arrangements to the system are provided through this module. It works on a rule basis.
  • • It has advanced querying and reporting capabilities.
  • • Data reliability is supported by the confirmation mechanism.
  • • Electrical connections are created automatically during operation.
  • • The electrical connections in the system can be monitored and reported on the map.
  • • Records of user transactions are kept throughout the system.
  • • Authorized users defined in the system can make changes to the system settings.
  • • The regions where the feeders, transformers and lines (LT and HT) defined to the system are fed can be viewed on the map. Reports on this information can be obtained. (Electricity Consumption Report, Subscriber Distribution Report, Feeder Transformers Report, Thematic Consumption Map, etc.)
  • • PowernetMaestro has been developed to integrate with subscribers, SCADAs and call centers.


PowernetMaestro Web

  • • It was developed using MapXtreme and OpenLayers.
  • • It is designed so that remote users can connect to and work with the central database.
  • • Without the need for any installation, users can log in with a user name and password from a computer connected to the Internet.
  • • Users can draw electrical objects over the web.
  • • Users can add, delete and update electrical objects according to their authorization.

edabis-ss-2PowernetMaestro Field

  • • It is the version of PowernetMaestro software developed for field teams using tablet computers.
  • • The data in the central server can be updated on the tablet computer.
  • • Numbering and network work done in the field are recorded on the tablet computer.
  • • Network elements can be added to the appropriate coordinates with the GPS connection.
  • • PowernetMaestro automatically adds updated information to the central server.

PowernetMaestro Fault

  • • It is a system on the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) where the interruptions can be recorded and the necessary reports can be obtained.
  • • When an electrical fault occurs at any point in the electricity distribution network, the user can save the information about the fault hierarchically (by selecting Central Transformer, Feeder, Transformer) or by listing the units in the selected region on the map.

For more detailed information, you can view PowernetMaestro brochure.

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