Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Management Software

PowernetMaestro (Electricity Distribution Infrastructure Management Software) is an information system that can be customized according to its internal processes and integrated with external systems so that users can manage their electricity distribution networks in accordance with GIS-based topological rules. It serves with web, desktop and mobile application.

With the use of PowernetMaestro, companies responsible for electricity distribution;

  • • Manage network data in accordance with dynamic geographical and topological rules,
  • • Adapting the processes of business units on the software,
  • • Thanks to its flexible infrastructure, it can integrate with external systems,
  • • With the dynamic reporting and analysis infrastructure, information can be presented to internal and supervisory institutions,
  • • It can provide the module structure specific to the business units managed with the central authorization infrastructure.

The application continues to be developed by adding new modules and functions according to current needs.


Detailed Information about PowernetMaestro

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Structured Network Digitization

• Ability to draw the network and transfer network inventory to digital media.
• Digitalization of network data on maps with GIS.
• Management of the network inventory by coordinated positioning.

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Voltage Drop and Phase Load Balancing Analysis on Network

• Load balancing analysis for electricity distribution in phase architecture
• The only web-based geographic information system that calculates line loss analysis on electricity network lines.

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Adaptable Infrastructure

• The system can be integrated with other systems (CRM, SCADA, OSOS, etc.) through its adaptable architecture.
• It can establish infrastructure for input provided for use in field operations.
• Existing data of distribution companies can be transferred to the system and displayed on the map
• The form structures for network drawing in the application can be adapted to distribution company operations.

The Value PowernetMaestro Adds to Its User

Web, Desktop
and Mobile Application

GIS Based
Network Management


Dynamic Geographical
and Topological Business Rules

Integration Infrastructure

Analysis and Reporting


and Inquiries

PowernetMaestro Modules

Network Inventory Management Module

Managing the network data in the field in the GIS environment allows to keep the geographical and attribute information of the data up-to-date. Thanks to its flexible integration infrastructure, data exchange can be achieved by integrating into many environments.

Investment Process Management

After the project approval processes, it ensures that the projects carried out in the field are followed and the information about the inventories to be made is obtained from the field and followed up. It is ensured that the progress payment data created for the project is automatically prepared by the system and the data is sent to the progress payment system after user controls.

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance planning can be performed at all levels and maintenance tasks can be assigned to field teams. Data from the field can be reported directly to office personnel. Thanks to the flexible question creation infrastructure, different maintenance questions can be created and answered for different inventories. In order to monitor the works during maintenance, base data to be used in warehouse integration and inventory reduction and progress payment studies can be created.

Supply Continuity Quality System - Outage Management System

Outage notifications from integrated systems can be verified and grouped. Interruption point estimation can be made with grouped notifications, and an interruption record can be created with the correct network element. Compensation calculations and interruption reports requested from administrations can be created for subscribers affected by the interruptions. With the planned interruptions being processed into the system, the subscribers who will be affected by the interruption can be informed before the interruption. Thanks to advanced analysis tools, mapped analyzes are made and the problems on the network are clearly displayed on the map.

Field Data Collection and Workforce Management

With the data collection application developed specifically for the sector, data is collected from the field in precise coordinates and the current data is updated. By reading the QR codes on the inventory from the device camera, data entry is facilitated, the margin of error and the workload in the field are reduced. With the methods of assigning work to the teams, the teams in the field can be directed according to their work priorities. The team task list can be kept up-to-date according to the job importance and prioritization criteria.

Drone Detection Module

Drone technology, which is used as an alternative in field studies for maintenance detection studies, allows to reduce field costs. The data entry process to be made in the field is analyzed in the office environment with the drone photos collected from the field, and the detection minutes requested by EMRA can be collected on the system. With the data collected in this system, it is ensured that maintenance plans are made more accurately and systematically. Thanks to the coordinated photo shooting from the field, it becomes a reference for moving the inventories in the wrong location to the correct location.

PowernetMaestro F.A.Q.

Is it possible to add smart data with Powernet Maestro?

Data added on the application can be easily intelligentized and automatic data entry can be made thanks to rules and geographical controls.

Is it possible to draw with rules with Powernet Maestro?

The rules determined by the institution are defined in the application, preventing users from drawing incorrectly and directing them to the correct drawing.

Is it possible to report with PowernetMaestro?

Thanks to the predefined reports, you can easily create the reports requested by EMRA and TEDAŞ with PowernetMaestro.

Can I access user logs?

With PowernetMaestro, the transactions made by the users are recorded. You can view log records at different user levels.

Are there features to search and go to location according to the criteria determined in geographical and verbal tables?

You can search according to the criteria you set in the tables and navigate to the desired location.

Can data from mobile be viewed instantly in desktop and web applications?

Data collected in offline mode can be viewed after synchronization.

Will there be a feature to save the barcode value when used on devices with barcode reader?

Barcode can be saved with barcode reading feature. In the case of a standard QR code, the data on the QR code can be automatically transferred to the form.

Can the drawn objects be moved freely, individually or collectively?

All data can be moved individually in a regular manner, as well as associated data can be moved in bulk.

Can the application work in integration with other systems?

Integration with many different systems (SCADA, SAP, Subscriber Information Management System, OSOS etc.) is provided. In addition, company-specific integrations can also be provided.


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