Nevşehir 3D Tourism Portal Kiosk and Web Project

In Nevşehir, which is one of the most important historical, touristic and cultural provinces of Turkey, KAPHIB has started this project since January 2012, which plans to increase the liveliness with the touchscreen kiosks they will place in certain places.

Shortly after the application started, with the feedback made by KAPHIB, there has been an increase in the interest at historical, touristic and cultural areas of the city. Great benefits have been presented to the citizens and tourists in terms of the promotion of the city.

Project Background and Objectives

The population of Nevşehir province is 283,247 according to 2011 data. KAPHİP decided to develop a project in order to help the tourists and attract more visitors in the city, which has a historical, touristic and cultural texture. It was aimed to more accessible about information of historical, tourist and cultural activity areas.

With this project scope, KAPHIB aims to open the city and important points to all web users. In addition, it aims to provide easier use with the help of better promotion and additional functions by placing touch-screen Kiosks at points that incoming tourists can easily reach.


  • • The project allows you to easily access the historical, touristic and cultural activity areas of the city, even if you are a foreigner to Nevşehir.
  • • It allows you to get information about the region.
  • • It provides the opportunity to have information about many important points with the help of 360 Panoramic photographs.
  • • It helps users in transportation with important point searches and route to points used in the application.
  • • Virtual tours on the city provide information about the architectural texture of the city.
  • • The ability to get directions, which can be used at the same time, provides help about the route by giving directions to the desired point without getting lost in the city and losing time.
  • • Points of interest can be searched and listed by cross-examination and the selected point can be automatically viewed on the map.
  • • At the same time, users can use the information accessible in the text environment of these sought-after points in an interactive way.

The data used in the project can be easily updated by authorized personnel and the application can be kept up-to-date.


Thanks to the application that can be accessed from the KAPHIB website and the touchscreen kiosks used in certain regions, tourists who come or want to come to the region are provided with information about the region.

  • • More conscious route tracking in the city,
  • • The distance between two points and the optimal route drawn from one point to another,
  • • Opportunity to learn the environment and location more easily thanks to panoramic views of historical, touristic and cultural regions,
  • • Thanks to virtual tours, it provides opportunity to walk around the capital city in 3D,
  • • Accessing the address information of an important point selected on the map,
  • • Ease of displaying public service points on the map and making address inquiries.

General Information

  • Population (2011): 283.247
  • Population of City: 157.462
  • Population of Village: 125.785
  • Area: 8.434 km2
  • Region: The Central Anatolia
  • Area Code: 0384