Başar Map Server

Smart Map Server Service

Başarsoft’s field teams produce map data of Turkey, street by street, for 365 days. This data includes provincial-district-neighborhood administrative borders, navigational road network (number of lanes/direction/speed/type etc.), gate numbers and important points (POI).

These generated data are provided as value-added services in the Başar Map Server(BMS) during the monthly update period. Data access can be provided with Başar Map Server, and services such as different address resolution and routing services can be accessed.

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Başar Map Server

Detailed Information about Başar Map Server

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Address Index Service

It enables the selection of official address information from the listing menus in the details of province, district, neighborhood, street/street and door number.

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Autocomplete Service

Addresses are suggested when the address starts typing. In addition to official address information, address search and selection can be made from POIs, thanks to Başarsoft database. Addresses are provided in the building level detail with coordinates. Autocomplete Service can be used with Address Index as well as search narrowing.

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Reverse Geocode Service

It enables the location information obtained from applications, devices or selected by users on the map to be converted into an address.

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Geocode Service

It ensures that an address, which is completely written as freetext, is parsed and matched with Başarsoft database, scored and coordinated according to the matching rate. With Başar Map Server, query can be made as a service, as well as bulk querying for all addresses in the database. (When companies that receive freetext and uncoordinated address records want to switch to the coordinated address system, they carry out Geocode work to improve and coordinate existing addresses with one-time batch cooling.)

The Value Added by Başar Map Server to its User

Fast and
Dynamic Structure

Qualified and Coordinated
Data Updated on a Monthly Period

Quickly Integrable
Json Based Services

Cloud and Onpremise
Usage Option

Başar Map Server Modules

Address Services

It can be used on every platform where the address can be obtained from the end user; These are services that provide fast, regular and building-level coordinated address information.

Route Services

While going from point A to point B, stops can be added and the most logical routing can be done.


Thanks to Başarsoft’s qualified road network data, it is a service that enables the calculation of coverage areas on the basis of distance using Başar Map Server, using time or actual road length.

POI Service

It is a service that enables querying POIs in a certain area using monthly updated data and specific coordinates instead of bulk data. 

Başar Map Server F.A.Q.

Does Başar Map Server only work as a web service?

No. On-premise installation can be done on the servers according to the request of the institution or company.

What is Başar Map Server map coverage?

Başar Map Server includes only Turkey and TRNC data.

What is BMS's Licensing model?

Başar Map Server can be licensed with unlimited query options depending on the number of annual usage.


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