Erikli Water Project


Erikli & Nestlé Waters is a leader Brand of the market since 1999 with 103 factories, 31.500 employees,  Sales of 6 Billion Euro, 19% market share, 3 Nestlé Brands, 5 International Brands, 65 Local Brands and total 73 Brands.

For troubleshooting to issues that occur from market growing, the Company decide to create a systematic way with sending their own datas to GIS and use route optimization solution that for use their sales & distributions zones effectively and make a to create a better customer experience to customers.


GIS Address Works

In the beginning of the process, Erikli Water & Nestlé transferred to CBS it’s addresses of customers with bring to a certain standards. Viewing these addresses on the map with their coordinates have provided via MapInfo. Maps which created with MapInfo desktop application are published to in-house with MapXtreme.

Route Optimization

Benefits for Customers:

  • → Increase efficiency
  • → Make possible to extra delivery in a day with instant and dynamic planning features
  • → Save fuel with reducing miles that team travel and spend time on the road.Increase your number of delivery without any additional cost.
  • → Provides more task planning with less team
  • → Provides to be focused on customers who they can earn from

Benefits for Corporates:

  • → Provides to working with standardized tools, methods and results
  • → Measuring to progress and earnings
  • → More consciously decisions based on many simulations