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Google Maps Platform is a Google product that allows developers to integrate Google Maps into their pages, retrieve data from Google Maps, simple use or extensive customization.

Previously known as Google Maps, it has now been updated to Google Maps Platform.

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We have been serving as a partner for the Google Cloud Platform product since 2020.

If you want us to support you on Google Cloud and Google Maps issues, if you send an e-mail to, our experts on the subject will get back to you.

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Başarsoft Information Technologies Inc. You can view the Google Maps Platform Partners profile by clicking here.

What is Google Maps API?

Google Maps API are open source codes in the Google Maps Developer Console, which are used in map-based solutions for different purposes.

Google Maps API JavaScript

Detailed Information about Google Maps Platform

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What is API (Application Programming Interface)?

API (Application Programming Interface), with its Turkish name Application Programming Interface, is an interface created for a software to use certain/defined functions within other software.

How Does the Google Maps API Work? - Use of

The Google Maps API is very simple to use. You can follow the steps below;

⇒ Google Maps APIs are available on the internet as open source. It can be integrated into the system by anyone.

⇒ It provides monthly $200 worth of usage for the developer to try.

⇒ Ready codes can be queried with the help of an API Key.

Google Maps API Partneri

What Does Using Google Maps Platform (API) Gain Me? – What are the Benefits?

There are many map-based solutions. Companies benefit from many different features of Google Maps according to their structure.

In terms of benefits, for example, it can help field workers to save time and fuel, ie cost, by routing with the highway map that they will use to go from point A to point B using navigation. In the next steps, using the distance calculation matrix of multiple stops, a sorting is made according to their distance from each other and the optimization process can be performed.

Many companies use Google Maps as a basemap. It is preferred in vehicle tracking systems thanks to its up-to-date image.

In addition, you can review an address that you have not visited before and you do not know, with street view.

What Are Google Maps API Documents? - How can I reach?

Google Maps Turkey Partner Başarsoft

Başarsoft Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş., a Google Maps Partner, is the first partner in Turkey and is a company that carries out map operations with its expert GIS (Geographical Information Systems) team, with more than 20 years of experience. In addition, it is the company to apply to use Google Maps product.

If I Get Service from Başarsoft, Turkey Partner of Google Maps (Cloud)

When you receive this service from Başarsoft, we can send a deferred invoice. Google, on the other hand, does not send invoices due to its system.

Başarsoft can provide more affordable prices than Google in high volume usage.

In addition, Başarsoft provides support with its expert team by organizing meetings to examine the existing system, how to use it more optimized and to use it less costly and more efficiently.

Google Maps API Before
Google Maps API After

What is Google Maps JavaScript API?

Maps (JavaScript API) handles map display, allowing you to customize it with your own content and images on web pages and mobile devices. Maps includes four basic types of maps (roadmap, satellite, hybrid) that you can modify using layers and styles, controls, and various services.

Google Maps Platform JavaScript API

What is Google Maps API Distance Calculator? – How is it done?

Distance calculation is done with the Distance Matrix API. A service that provides travel distance and time for a matrix of start and destination points. The API provides information based on the route between the start and end points as calculated by the Google Maps API.

You can specify which mode of transport to use when calculating times and distances. The following travel modes are currently supported:

Bicycle asks for directions to the bike via bike paths and preferred streets (currently only available in US and some Canadian cities).

Vehicle (default) shows standard driving directions using the road network.

Public transport asks for directions on public transport routes (if any)

WALKING requests pedestrian directions on footpaths and sidewalks (if any).

Finding Address with Google Maps API

The Turkey (TR) Map and the world map are updated with the feedbacks sent by the users, and an optimum quality service is provided to the users.

One of the most important APIs, which is the beginning of analysis in GIS systems, is the Geocoding API. Existing assets can be processed and analyzed on the satellite image (Google Maps API for JavaScript).

Geocoding API (Geographic Location) It has the feature of determining the open address from X and Y coordinates to province, district, neighborhood, street, street and door number.

In addition to these, it has the ability to obtain X and Y coordinates from the open address.

Creating a Google API Key

If we briefly summarize the answer to the question of how to get Google Maps API Key, you can follow the steps below.

You must enter and log in.

The API key is the key that validates requests associated with your project for usage and billing purposes. You must have at least one API key associated with your project

To generate an API Key:

• In the Cloud Console, on the project selector page, select or create a Google Maps project to which you want to add an API Key.
Go to the Project Selection page

• Go to APIs and Services > Credentials page.
Go to the Credentials page

• On the Credentials page, click Generate credentials > API key. The API key generated dialog displays your newly generated API key.
The new API key is listed on the Credentials page under API keys. (Remember to restrict API key before use.)

API Key and Billing Errors

In some situations, a watermarked “negative” Street View image may be displayed with a blackened map or “For Development purposes only” text. This behavior usually indicates problems with an API key or billing. To use Google Maps Platform products, your account must have billing enabled and all requests must have a valid API key.

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