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Earthquake Damage Estimation Application: DepremRiskim

Earthquake damage estimation application DepremRiskim, is an application that provides information about earthquake vulnerability of buildings.

“The biggest precaution against the earthquake problem is to live in safe structures.”

Highlights of DepremRiskim

Sismik Bölge Belirlenmesi

Determination of Seismic Zone Grade

Binanın Harita Üzerinden Belirlenmesi

Identifying the Building on the Map

Binaya Ait Zarar Tahmin Raporu

Estimated Damage Report of the Building

What’s Basarsoft’s DepremRiskim Application?

DepremRiskim Mobile Application is an earthquake damage estimation application developed to generate an estimation report regarding the vulnerability of the buildings.

The building coordinate information to be analysed is determined by selecting from the map or using GPS location information.

The building type is selected from images prepared according to FEMA (FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT) – 154 standards with address information, photographs, construction year information of the building. If available, vertical or plan irregularity information can be selected.

Damage estimation report of this building is created as a result of calculating the score according to Low, Medium, Medium-High, High, Very High values the seismic zone degrees specified in FEMA – 154 standards. The created report is prepared completely with the information provided by the user and is a quick preliminary assessment.

The real earthquake resistance of the building can only be determined by detailed analysis and examinations by experts. Therefore, the report created by the application is not used in official transactions. This application is for standard buildings.

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How Can I Download the Application?

You can download the DepremRiskim application free of charge from AppStore and Google Play by clicking the buttons below.

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What is Earthquake Performance?

Earthquake resistance standards are provided by the earthquake regulations, which determines the necessary rules and minimum conditions for design, construction of new buildings and other structures and also evaluating and strengthening the performance of existing buildings under the impact of earthquakes.

Since the earthquake regulation, which was created in the past, according to the regulations on buildings to be built in earthquake zones published in 2007, the construction year of the buildings constitutes an important criterion in this regard, as it causes the buildings to have less performance.

In the DepremRiskim Mobile Application developed by Başarsoft, information regarding the construction year of the building is entered and this criterion is added to the score calculation content.

How to Calculate the Rapid Earthquake Performance of Buildings with DepremRiskim?

By allowing location access on user’s device, the user can analyze your current location or on the selected building location by marking it on the map. After the location selection on the map, the address information is converted into coordinates with Başarsoft Reverse-Geocode services and the seismic degrees of the area where the building is located are calculated. Thus, the information in which seismic zone the building is calculated by intersecting the values on the seismic map. The user can select the building type of the relevant building from the building images and descriptions prepared in according to FEMA Standards. If there is vertical irregularity and/or plan irregularity in the building, the user can make different score calculations by selecting the soil type from the images prepared according to FEMA Standards.

Evalution score S=1, as specified in FEMA-154, indicates a 1 in 10 probability of major damage if the expected ground shaking for a building occurs. S=2 to 1 in 100, S=3 to 1 in 1000 probability of major damage. A high S score indicates good earthquake performance, and a low S score indicates probable weak earthquake performance. In general, if the S score is less than 2, it is evaluated that the earthquake performance of the building may not be sufficient and it may pose a life safety hazard. In case of any score lower than 2, the user is advised to consult an expert on the earthquake resistance of the building. If post-earthquake habitability or usability performance is desired, a score of S=3 or higher would be appropriate.

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How to Obtain Earthquake Performance Report?

As a result of the selection of the location of the building, the year of the building, the building floor information, the type of the building, if any, the irregularities of the building added by the user via the DepremRiskim Mobile Application, using the seismicity data obtained from the location, the score can be calculated according to the seismic degree in the region where the building is located. An analysis report is obtained together with the soil type information. This report provides estimated values for the earthquake performance of the building. For a detailed analysis, it is recommended to consult with experts in the field.

DepremRiskim earthquake damage estimation mobile application was developed in cooperation with the university. The purpose of this application is to create earthquake awareness. The application is free and non-profit. This application does not have any insurance purpose. It is used for informational purposes only. It is used for informational purposes only.

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