Satellite Images

High Definition Archive or Current Images

Satellite Images are images of the earth taken by satellites.

Başarsofts Satellite Images Services; 

Başarsoft provides high resolution archive or up-to-date satellite image services as a result of agreements it has made with many international operators.

You can order archive images for at least 1 km2. You can also order your new shooting requests for at least 25 km2. The images you will request will be delivered as True Color, False Color Urban, False Color Infrared, All Optical Bands, EVI, MSAVI2, NDVI, NDWI2, Near-infrared, Panchromatic without a price gap to pay.

The satellites we have agreements with are images of Pleiades, SkySat, KompSat-3A, KompSat-3, KompSat-2, Spot6/7, PlanetScope and TripleSat satellites.

With out expert and experienced staff, we provide service on areas such as image supply, image processing, profit making, training, project processes, consultancy and technical support.

Why do you use satellite images?

Satellite images are used in the extraction, classification, analysis and interpretation of earth data used in remote detection studies. It provides a fast and low-cost solution for producing spatial information with high added value.

Satellite images can be used in many fields such as agriculture, forestry, environment, urbanism, mining, energy, transportation, disaster, water management, defense and intel. It provides great benefits in decision support and management processes thanks to fast and economical value-added information extraction in the mentioned areas. It provides great benefit in decision support and management processes by the means of information extraction with fast and economic addition value.

Detailed Information about Satellite Images

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Satellite Images F.A.Q.

Do you offer high resolution satellite imagery service?

Yes, we offer high resolution satellite imagery service. Pleidas 50 cm, Pleidas Neo 30 cm, SkySat 50 cm, KompSat-3A 40 cm, KompSat-3 50 cm, KompSat-2 1m, PlanetSope 3m and Spot6/7 with 1.5 cm resolution.

What is the minimum order space for satellite images?

Your archive satellite images are at least 1 km2. You can buy your new shooting satellite images at least 25 km2.

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