Route Optimization


Route optimization is to optimize a route according to time and distance parameters. In order to make a correct route optimization, it is necessary to know factors such as the number of all necessary visiting points on the route, the location of these points and the time intervals in which the visits will be made.

Başarsoft's Route Optimization Products and Solutions

Başarsoft’s route solutions are as follows:

Başar Map Server Route Services

  • • Distance between two points
  • • Live traffic – average traffic
  • • Adding stop points to the route
  • • Matrix services
  • • TSP
  • • TSP-TW
  • • VRP

Route Optimization Types

There are 3 types of optimization solutions: TSP, TSP-TW and VRP. TSP-TW, on the other hand, is the time window added to the TSP approach. The opening (earliest possible time to visit) time, closing (latest time to be visited) and service (the time it takes to leave one visiting point and go to the other visiting point) are added, allowing the points to be visited in order according to these time constraints.

Detailed Information about Route Optimization

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What are the Advantages of Route Optimization?

  • • It enables reaching the targeted visit points in a shorter time.
  • • It enables to reach more visiting points or targeted visit points with less team in the same time.
  • • With well-planned routes, it allows teams to spend less time on the visiting route and travel less. This means time, labor and fuel savings.
  • • It helps to protect the nature with less carbon dioxide emissions by shortening the working time of the vehicles together with the total distance.

What is Optimization? – Why is it Necessary?

Optimization means to optimize a job as possible within certain conditions and parameters. It is very important in terms of increasing the efficiency of the system.

What is TSP(Travel Sales Problem)?

TSP (Travel Sales Problem) is a service that sorts 1 vehicle and ensures that all points are visited only once, minimizing the cost (distance, time or expense) between points.

TSP-TW (Time Window) is the TSP approach with time window added. It is a solution used to determine the earliest and latest time intervals that can be visited at a visiting point, and to make the visit happen within this time interval. The time window here can be determined as the time interval in which the visiting points will be visited, or it can also be used to determine the time intervals in which the work will be carried out in general. It is an ideal solution for customers who are waiting for their shipment to be delivered by a delivery company and want the delivery to take place within a certain time frame.


In the solution of the Traveling Salesman Problem, you can list your visiting points with our TSP and TSP-TW services, and increase your work efficiency by reaching more destinations in a shorter time.

What is VRP(Vehicle Routing Problem)?

VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) is the solution that determines which vehicle should go to which points in which order in line with the point pool to be distributed and the vehicle pool.

In some cases, listing the visiting points is not enough. For a fast and accurate delivery process, information such as the shipment capacity of the vehicles and how many vehicles are needed according to the total shipment amount may also gain importance.

In such cases, VRP, which is an optimization problem in which the vehicle capacity is taken into account as well as minimizing the cost between the points, comes up when listing the visiting points.

The VRP solutions provided by Başarsoft include the vehicle capacity and give information about how many teams or how many vehicles of which vehicle type are needed when vehicle points are given. It also optimizes the points that each tool will visit.

VRP optimization can work for more than one vehicle type (Truck, pickup truck, etc.). In cases where vehicle types and capacities are known, it provides us with information on how many vehicles are needed for the points to be visited, how much capacity each of these vehicles work, how many points they have visited and how far they will travel.

With our TSP and VRP services, cargo/couriers can deliver on time, provide mobile services to consumers in accordance with the requested time interval, furniture, white goods, etc. We produce solutions for the needs of companies operating in dozens of different sectors, such as making the right visit plans for the assembly and delivery of the products, reaching the targeted points quickly by making the complex field operations more planned.

Zoning(Cluster) Service is a zoning service by grouping the points according to their walking, vehicle road proximity, according to a parameter value.

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