Field Workforce Management

TEAMER, developed as a field workforce and optimization product is a system based on GIS and designed for corporates that have field teams in reporting, visualization, project and task management on the field.

With TEAMER application, according to your team’s features, you can create rules and visiting plans that for your clients and service points related to your service, manage and communicate your teams easily with just one application as located based and provide conditions to your teams for visit their target points with the fastest and shortest way.

TEAMER is a web based application for executive staff and also a cloud based service provider consisting of a mobile application which is developed for field teams. Tasks are created with the web application and assigned to related teams. Field Teams can manage their field process with the mobile application and also have a chance to update the details about tasks that are assigned to them.

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Detailed Information about TEAMER

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Features of TEAMER Application

Teamer Yönetim Paneli

Easy Adaptation With Management Panel

• Add and manage people in your team one by one or bulk manually.
• Give authority you want to each of your users
• Create your own business rules
• Manage your different projects by one application.
• With content management function, set your task categories, task priorities, type of tasks even sub-types of tasks.

Planlama Teamer

Manage Your Rules of Planning

• Thanks to many extraordinary functions in the app, you can manage have created your task arrangments for mobile users instantly.
• You can arrange and line up your task orders.
• You can update your task orders according to priority.
• With our unique TSP algorithm, you can arrange your task orders according to the shortest route.

Analiz ve Raporlama Teamer

Analysis & Reporting

• You can accelerate your decision process with various charts
• You can make analysis easily with your previous data
• Calendar view helps make daily/weekly business plans to your team.
• With report feature you can have more detailed information about your businesses and teams.

Kullanıcı Bazlı Yetkilendirme

User Based Authorization

Functions such as edit, task and feedback approval, making task order can be activated/deactivated for users according to different hierarchical status in application.

We can categorize to User Roles in Three main headlines.
• Companyadmin
• Supervisor
• TeamLeader (Mobile Application User)

Bölge Bazlı Yetkilendirme

Territory Based Authorization

Your teams and tasks that you will assign to them can be authorized in areas which you have determined. These areas;
• Areas that you have drawn manually
• Administrative Divisions (city, district and neighborhood)

Proje Teamer

Project Based Authorization

People who in the user management side can be authorized for roles such as task rules management, task category, type of priority, type of completion and content management related to business type as Project based with management tool in the application. Many independent projects that belong to Company can be created with the Application.

TEAMER Functions

TEAMER Modules For Smart Cities

TEAMER Modül 1

Solid Waste Management Application

TEAMER is also a waste management system application that provides the opportunity of Tracking, managing and planning to your drivers, trucks and containers. The main purposes of the application are preventing unneccessary expenditures and wasting time.

TEAMER Modül 3

Spraying Management Application

The main purpose of spraying service is to spray without causing any damage to the environment and nature and to prevent to epidemic diseases. In this context, you can easily track your periodic business and task orders with TEAMER.

TEAMER Modül 2


TEAMER also can be used by Municipalities to port their social campaigns to the digital platform for citizens who are living in the city divisions and having economic issues.

How is TEAMER Adding Value to Your Users?

TEAMER helps and adds value to users with various analysis in many subjects such as task planning, employee tracking, increase in team efficiency, operation cost saving, decrease in vehicle costs, time management, project management, team management, goal management, territory management, activity analysis, data storage, various task reporting for instant or past period etc.


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