Field Workforce Management Application

TEAMER, having developed with GIS base for firms and institutions with field teams, is a field conducted project and business follow-up, project management, optimizing, visualizing, and reporting system.

TEAMER is a cloud based service provider. There is a web application for executives and mobile application for field teams.

Work that are produced off of web application are assigned to related teams and field teams can follow their tasks accordingly to importance degree of the work with the mobile application. With the TEAMER application;

  • — You can determine the service points and planning rules of the service you offer to your customers accordingly to your field teams’s features and can create daily/weekly work orders.
  • — With the location based mobile application, you can manage your field team, form quick communication, and ensure their reach to the mission place from the shortest route.
  • — Thanks to the location-based mobile application, you can manage your field team, communicate quickly, and ensure that they reach their place of duty by the shortest route.
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Detailed Information about TEAMER

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Create Work Orders

Work Order Screen:
Authorize the teams under your projects and tasks you will assign to teams within the areas you have decided.
Determine these areas as;
• Working fields you have drawn manually,
• Administrative zone areas reaching to province, district, and quarter.
Register your visitation points, warehouses, and their details to the system manually or collectively.
Form periodic or momentary work and project and assign related field team the work quickly.

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Manage Your Business More Effectively

Planning Screen:
· List your work orders based on the shortest route distance with the TSP algorithm we have developed.
· View the details of the estimated routes.
· Prioritize and manually organize work orders assigned to field teams by the application manager.
· Follow your field teams on the map with the live location tracking feature.

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Manage Easier

Admin Panel Screen:
· Manage all your projects on a single application.
· Authorize your application users as you wish.
· Add and manage the people in your field team manually or automatically according to your liking.
· With work rule management, hold project tracing and management under control.
· With content management, determine your work categories, work priorities, and work types.

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Generate Detailed Report

Calendar and Reporting Screen:
· Manage the decision-making process with various charts.
· View the work and project details with the reporting monitor.
· Fasten the decision-making process with momentary and past reports.
· With the calendar monitor, view the work and project details you have formed daily, weekly, and monthly.

The Value TEAMER Adds to Its User

Provides Work Planning and
Work Tracking Through the Web

Route Comparison

Saves Time in
Project/Work Order Management

Ensures the Tracking of Forgotten Work/Project
with Daily/Weekly Work Plans

Increases Productivity in Team Management
with Personnel Tracking and Planning

Ensures Work/Project Management with
Past or Instant Reporting on a Day/Hour Basis

TEAMER Modules for Smart Cities

Smart Solid Waste Management Application

It is a waste management system application that aims to save time and money by providing the opportunity to manage, track and plan your containers, vehicles, and drivers.

Smart Disinfestation Management Application

The purpose of disinfestation service is to prevent contagious diseases liable to occur in the environment by doing disinfestation without harming the nature and environment. With the Smart Disinfestation Management Application, you can manage your periodic works and tasks.


It is a management system that makes the municipalities that are responsible for fulfilling the basic needs of economically struggling citizens track and record their help.

Smart Park and Gardens Management Application

It ensures the management of works executed on parks, green fields, graveyards’ care, repair, cleaning, watering etc. with location-based recording.

Smart Constabulary Management Application

In order to ensure public order, establish peace and protect public health in the region that they are assigned, the constabularies conduct inspections on many topics such as license, health, and smuggling. You can do your intensive job tracking and reporting with the Smart Constabulary Management Application.


Can I make project-based authorization with TEAMER?

Project Based Authorization

Yes. From the management panel on the web application, you can authorize;

  • people under the user management,
  • work rules management,
  • categories of works,
  • priority type,
  • completion type,
  • content management rules belonging to the work type

as project-based.

Can I authorize for different users with TEAMER?

User-Based Authorization

Yes. You can activate/deactivate functions such as editing, task, and feedback approval, functions such as work order assignment according to users in different hierarchical structures.

Is there an offline working feature in the mobile application?

Yes, when there is no internet access, the mobile application stores any data entry in the local database and transfers the information to the server as soon as internet access is available.

How is the Planned/Actual route comparison made in practice?

The actual/planned route comparison is made by showing the locations received from the Vehicle Tracking System devices or the locations received from the mobile devices and the routes calculated by the route services on the same screen.


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