Map Production

Since its establishment in 1997, Başarsoft has been working to produce the digital map of Turkey and to update this map. After 2005, it took the field with its own vehicles to produce navigation data and updates of maps obtained through office work. It has been updating the field maps regularly until today. In basic map production, the accuracy of the maps is confirmed on the field by our field teams using GPS supported software and the content is enriched.

Our Field Studies

Today, Başarsoft adds points of interest (POI) on the map in nearly 300 categories (shopping mall, Pharmacy, Hospital, School, Government Institution, Fuel Stations, Banks, etc.). Especially in the base data, the road directions, roads that are closed and open to vehicle traffic which are mostly absent and important for navigation are processed.

  • • Road Speeds,
  • • Street Names,
  • • Door Numbers,
  • • Paving Information (Soil or Asphalt Roads),
  • • Signboards,
  • • Lane Information,
  • • Return Bans

It is detected on site and processed on our maps.

Our Map Production

Basemap Generation

It is our common map data, which has no routing feature and includes social areas (school, official institution, etc.). The user can make address inquiries with this digital map. But this map doesn’t have navigation capability. Many leading vehicle tracking companies in our country use these maps in their own database.

Navigation Maps

Our navigation maps are used by many navigations software (Google, IGO, Garmin, Navitel etc.) operating in our country. These maps contain road speeds, road directions, open and closed roads, and points of interest in nearly 300 categories.

Data for Institutions and Organizations

Başarsoft customizes the digital maps it produces according to the needs of the institution and offers them for use. Infrastructure and superstructure companies, GSM operators and many private companies get mapping services from our company according to their mapping needs.


Başarsoft saves your company to the “” map database so that it can appear in searches on “”. Likewise, it saves your company in the map database so that it can be searched on navigation devices. It provides map service for making spatial queries by seeing your customers or many branches of your company on the map.

Görengöz (Map Production for the Visually Impaired)

Başarsoft created a pedestrian navigation map of Ankara and Istanbul within the scope of the Görengöz project carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs. In this context, pedestrian overpasses, bridges, park and in-site roads in the city center were digitized and the most suitable routing infrastructure was created for our visually impaired citizens.

Our NAD (National Address Database) Coded Digital Maps

  • Basarsoft’s digital maps are compatible with NAD.
  • Private and public institutions that keep the address information of their subscribers or customers in compatible with UAVT can transfer this information to the map on the basis of neighborhood, street/street or building exterior door numbers in a short time using our digital database.