District – District Distance Matrix

Distance Analysis Between Locations

Contribute to your company’s budget with the District-District Distance Matrix solution!

With Başarsoft’s District-District Distance Matrix solution, you can easily provide your company’s administrative and financial departments with the distance and time your fleet will cover in advance, contributing to your company’s economy. By determining the distance you need to cover in advance, you can conduct analyses (clustering, classification, pattern recognition, consumer segmentation, etc.), plan your shipments based on the results, and create shipment areas.

You can convey special road restrictions, the types of vehicles you use, and/or preferred routes to your company, allowing millions of possible routes to be prepared according to your preferences.

Thanks to Başarsoft’s database, which contains the most up-to-date road network map of Turkey, you can reach the most accurate and up-to-date results without being affected by changes in routes.

Detailed Information about District-District Distance Matrix

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Use Alternative Routes

• Use the alternative route option in the system to choose any route you want.

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Create Routes Based on Vehicle Type

• Create special routes using restrictions applied to trucks.

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Create Routes Based on Criteria

• With our Matrix algorithm, see the most suitable routing according to the criteria you choose. (Criterion: Do not use the Osmangazi Bridge)

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Get Output for Bulk Records

• Submit your locations in bulk, and get the output in the format you want.

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Create Pedestrian Routes

• Using pedestrian paths in the Başarsoft database, you can create routes specifically for pedestrians.

The Value District – District Distance Matrix Adds to Its User

Quota Control


Ease of Analysis

Up-to-Date Road Data

Subsistence Control

Ease of Planning

District – District Distance Matrix F.A.Q.

How is the Başarsoft District-District Distance Matrix prepared?

The Başarsoft District-District Distance Matrix is created by positioning the points conveyed by our customers on the map in the Başarsoft database, based on their requests.

How is the Başarsoft District-District Distance Matrix calculated?

Başarsoft District-District Distance Matrix is calculated using the lengths of the road segments, speed limits, and vehicle restrictions available in the Başarsoft database to create the fastest and shortest routes. Restrictions specified by our customers or any additional constraints are also included in the calculation criteria. The calculation results include total distance and time data.

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