Address Data

20 Million Door Number Data

Address data that express the geographical location of a place and contain information such as province, district , town/village, neighborhood, avenue, street, avenue, door number and independent section of that place.

Başarsoft’s Address Data Service 

Since its establishment, Başarsoft has invested in the creation and updating of our country’s digital address data. Since 2005, it has been creating this data by traveling from street to street with its own vehicles in order to keep address changes up to date.

With the establishment of NAD(National Address Database) in 2007, each address component was given a code. Başarsoft has been adding these codes to its digital address data since then. All address components are kept fully compatible with NAD and constantly monitor the changes.

Detailed Information about Address Data

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Address changes are common in our country. In this sense, in order to access the old address information, the old name or alternative name of a searched place is recorded by adding the old information to the address data.

The scope of address data components provided by Başarsoft is as follows.


Address Component Coverage/number
Province one hundred%
District one hundred%
town village one hundred%
Neighbourhood 97%
Avenue Street Informations 80%
Door number 20 million
Independent Section (In City Centers) 80%

Province, District and Neighborhood Boundaries Data Provided by Başarsoft

Turkey Provincial-District-Neighborhood Boundaries are the area data of the whole of Turkey, approved by the HGM, where the provincial, district and neighborhood borders are provided.

As of today, all of the province, district and village locations, 97% of the neighborhood borders and 80% of the street, street and avenue informations are geocoded on the map. It covers 80% of the door numbers on the basis of flats in city centers, a total of 20 million door numbers are included in the address data.

What Does Address Data Do?

Address data is required for the availability of a location. Businesses use address data to enrich their customer portfolio and develop targeted location -based strategies . Address data is mainly used for address verification. Likewise, having clean and up-to-date address data saves businesses time and money on delivery services, return shipping and fees. Accurate address data creates better customer service and a stronger brand.

Address Data Service Highlights


Saving Time


Reduces Costs


Creates Strong
Brand Perception


Fast and Accurate
Customer Management

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