Location Based Decision Support System

GeoMarketing is the integration of geographic parameters to marketing, sales, distribution, forecast, analysis and other possible situations and processes.

It’s also a term that is used by companies which want to view on the map and make analysis of production, rivals, distribution channels, vendors, transportation, segmentation, opportunities and marketing strategies and looking answers to “Where am I”and “Where should I be” questions.

Detailed Information about Geomarketing

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Geomarketing Veri

Reach to Actual & Large Data Sets

  • • Points of Interest (POI)
  • • Access to Statistical Data
  • • Access to Cooperate Data
  • • Financial Data
  • • Operational Data Sets
Geomarketing Analiz

Location Based Layers and Data

  • • Başar Map Server
  • • Başarsoft POI Data
  • • Geographical Analysis
  • • Sectoral Integration
Geomarketing Konumsal İş Zekası

Improve Your Business With Located Based BI

  • • Enriched Business Data
  • • Monitoring on the Digital Map
  • • Analysis
  • • Reporting

Find Every Point and Address

With advanced search features you can view on the map of point of interest from Başarsoft’s POI database, your data that loaded on the system or an ordinary address that you are looking for.

Searching tool works with address texting, pin on the map or enter coordinates of the location.

View Your Rivals

GeoMarketing creates a viewing system in a large radius that displays locations of your HQ, branches, customers and rivals’ location info’s as a point or a symbolic way on the map.

And Start Analyzing

View to locations of your HQ and customers’ data, sub details and accessibility even your rivals’ locations, areal value, point of value and statistical analysis and take reports of your results.



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