Bike Paths Data

Bike smarter, live greener with our data

The Bike Paths Data is a database created by Başarsoft that aims to protect nature, avoid traffic, determine shorter routes, explore new places, and lead a healthy life.

Thanks to the bike paths in the Başarsoft database, discover new routes, enjoy the fun, contribute to your budget, lead a healthy life, reduce your carbon footprint, and leave a better world for future generations. Most importantly, feel good about yourself!

By using Başarsoft bike paths, you can not only avoid traffic but also reach your destination using less energy by determining shorter routes.

Detailed Information about Bike Paths Data

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Protect the nature

Prevent air pollution by cycling, protect nature, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Determine your route

Specify the routes you will use on the map to reach your destination in the shortest possible way.

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Escape from traffic

Avoid traffic with personal or bike rental applications and reach your destinations faster than private or public transport vehicles.

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Take time for yourself

Discover new places by cycling, get closer to nature, and protect your health.

Bike Paths Data F.A.Q.

How were the Başarsoft bike paths created?

Başarsoft bike paths were presented to you, the users, by our data teams through both fieldwork and office work.

How to use Başarsoft bike paths?

Başarsoft bike paths include roads that can be used by cyclists and roads exclusively for cyclists, thus avoiding the use of roads prohibited to cyclists.

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