ALB Telecom GIS Project

The general purpose of the ALB Telecom GIS (Geographical Information Systems) project is to create the telecom address database of the entire Albania, digitize the network data, which are CAD and sheet, enter the necessary information, and provide geographical analysis, cost analysis, investment analysis, and analysis over the data transferred to the entire GIS environment. To ensure that customer analysis, queries and reports can be made. In addition, it is to provide integrations with other systems in the institution (SAP, CRM) and to perform sales and marketing analyzes geographically on maps with the data coming through these systems.

Users can enter the inventory in their area of responsibility into the system by logging into the system via servers connected to a central database with desktop applications. The system allows multiple users to make data entry and editing in the same layer at the same time, and since all data is kept in the central database, the changes can be followed in the whole system at the same time. By keeping the login information to the system, it is possible to track who updated and deleted all data and when.

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Users can access the digitized data in the central database via web applications, on computers of their choice within the scope of authorization, and produce online queries, reports, analyzes and thematic maps on the data.

Desktop applications where digitization is done have been developed in Visual Studio.Net environment based on MapInfo. Web applications were developed using the MapXtreme .Net SDK, again with ASP .Net technology. All applications have been developed and put into use according to the operational structure and needs of the institution as a result of the analyzes made. Oracle 11 g database within the institution was used as the central database.

Desktop digitization applications consist of Spot-Underground Digitization Module, Copper and Fiber Cable Digitization Modules and FTTX Digitization Modules. In addition to these, there is also a web application where all analyzes, queries and reports can be made.

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ALB Telecom GIS Spot-Duct: It is a desktop application that allows digitizing of the inventory such as building, road, roadside, field cabinet, manhole, pole, tranche, feeder etc. and enter its information.

ALB Telecom GIS Copper: It is a desktop application that enables the digitization of the local and principal cable network, and ensures the registration of their information taking the topological integrity of the network equipment into account.

ALB Telecom GIS Fiber: It is a desktop application that enables the digitization of the fiber cable network and registration of the information. The fiber connections and connection information between the fibers are transferred to the central database with this application.

ALB Telecom GlS Web: It is a web application that enables analysis, queries and reports of all ALB Telecom inventory digitized with desktop applications. In addition to this, the location of the subscribers on the network is displayed on the map, integrated with the subscriber information system, and visual analyzes are made on the map by matching the subscriber information with the network and address map data. In addition, network speed information and contract information of the subscriber are also displayed on the map with analysis, allowing sales and investment analysis to be made.

Both address data and network data in the central database can be queried live via web applications and displayed on the map. Reports can be generated based on network inventory and subscriber information for any region on the map over the data in the database. By integrating subscriber, address and network information, analyzes such as buildings with distribution boxes, buildings without distribution boxes, buildings with or without PSTN and DSL subscribers can be made.

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By analyzing the distances of distribution boxes belonging to the telecom network to the switchboard, analyzes can be made to determine the services and services that can be provided to customers, investment regions, sales and marketing regions. Within the scope of the project, the creation of the network and address inventory has been completed, and all ALB Telecom customers will be placed on their addresses on the map, and the ALB Telecom customer address database will be updated by making the necessary updates and field controls. By positioning all customers on the map, value-added services will be produced by using subscriber data and data connected to the subscriber.

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