Spatial Risk Management

GeoInsurance (Spatial Risk Management), most generally, defined as an integration process that includes risk analysis of geographic parameters, portfolio, risk accumulation, client, insurance policy approval and another possible processes.

It’s the best concept that for whole companies which are looking for answers of below topics;

  • • Distribution of risk points and accurances of insurances.
  • • Distribution based on client or insurance policy.
  • • Scoring based on the situation of geographic factors and POI’s that can be selected based on product.
  • • Live monitoring to cumulative calculating on the map and making analysis
  • • Getting the best answers to “Where am I” or “Where should I be?” questions.

Find Every Point and Address

Thanks to advanced searching feature, you can monitorize any address or your data’s related points that loaded before on the map. You can use search function with enter any address, longitude latitude, UAVT code, client and insurance policy informations.

Detailed Information about Geoinsurance

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Geoinsurance Veri

Reach to Actual & Large Data Sets

  • • Point of Interest(POI)
  • • Corporate Data Access
  • • Operational Data Sets
Geoinsurance Analiz

Location Based Layers and Data

  • • Başarsoft POI datas
  • • Başarsoft Geocode Service
  • • Başarsoft UAVT Service
  • • Geographical Analysis
Geoinsurance Konumsal İş Zekası

Improve Your Business With Located Based BI

  • • Enriched Business Data
  • • Monitoring on the Digital Map
  • • Cumulative Analysis
  • • Reporting (2nd Phase of Process)

And Start to Analysis!

View the analysis you will have following topics;

  • • Locations and other details ( Client, Policy, Assurance and Risk Point info) of your own risk points that have pinned on the map after searching and selected area by you in a certain Radius.
  • • Score calculating based on product according to selection.
  • • Assurance calculating for adjoining building check.
  • • Altitude of the point
  • • CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluation and Standardising Target Accumulations) Zone information
  • • Distance to active fault line
  • • Landslide zone control
  • • Authorization zone intersection control
  • • Checking and viewing of hospital, fire fighter or explosion risk points, distance to potential terror – fire danger points, accessibility and territorial and point value
  • • Get report to your results (2nd Phase of Process) or save your own database with our service.


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