Intelligent Leakage Management Platform

SmartWaterLoss platform is a GIS-based management system integrated with Subscriber, Enterprise and SCADA.

It can work with HydronetMaestro product or as a Standalone Application.

It produces analysis and Reports suitable for both Global Water Losses and Local Water Loss Reports.

Advantages of SmartWaterLoss

– Calculation of leakages

– Finding the amount of Physical and Administrative Leakages

– Reducing losses by monitoring the loss, leakage change and minimum night flow rate in pressure management administrations

– Calculation of Infrastructure Leakage Index

– Automatic filling of the Water Balance Form of the General Directorate of Water Management

– Seeing the amount of water supplied and billed water in different periods

– Subscriber list in the region

– Making water loss calculations according to Upper and Lower Zones or Zone and DMA based

– Allows calibration with hydraulic model integration and epanet exchange format for each feeding zone

– Failure Maintenance and Repair Records, Subscriber data can be seen, accrual analysis can be made.

Detailed Information about SmartWaterLoss

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SmartWaterLoss platform can be integrated with different systems in water administration such as SCADA, Subscriber, Call Center, Business, Field Workforce and helps to reduce leakages.

Network Data can be exported as Epanet.inp file. Existing network data can be transferred to many known modeling programs via Spatial Databases or with shape/mif files and integrated with modeling programs.

Just like a standard GIS system, layer management, color and label adjustments can be made. Lines fed from a valve/reservoir can be selected with topology features, and the valves that must be closed in order to create an isolated zone can be listed.

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