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The World's Most Flexible, Extensible GIS Software

MapInfo Pro is a user-friendly GIS program that is widely used in universities, municipalities, institutions and private institutions across the country. With its improved interface, it enables the creation of perfect maps faster and easily. It eases the use of users with multi-language support and enhanced data support.

MapInfo Pro enables business analysts, planners, GIS professionals and even non-GIS users to make the right strategic decisions with studies that allow them to create maps and charts with analytics and gain new insights about their markets.

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MapInfo Pro

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With the MapInfo Pro Advanced module, you can define, measure and visualize large raster data. MapInfo Pro Advanced offers many raster analysis and mathematical modeling tools, along with MRR (Multi Resolution Raster) proprietary raster compression technology to handle extremely large file sizes. Users can easily perform data integrations, data modeling and visualization between vector and raster fields in the same software.

MapInfo Pro Viewer allows users to open and view any MapInfo Pro project file. You can perform basic map operations such as panning, zooming, or reordering layers by opening additional tables in read-only mode.

You can increase your team’s productivity by building and running customized applications with Python.

You can create and save custom queries using MapBasic scripts.

Why MapInfo Pro?

Easiest to Use GIS Software

MapInfo Pro, the world’s most user-friendly and easy-to-use GIS program is a very easy program to learn and work with like Word or Excel. Without going into complex structures, it enables easy integration of especially beginners into GIS with interface where all functions can be found easily.

Widely Used Area!

MapInfo Pro is widely used in many institutions, organizations, private sector and universities in Turkey and around the world. Especially in infrastructure companies, there are systems run with MapInfo Pro smoothly for years. Because of this, knowing the program becomes an advantage.

Flexible, Fast, Powerful!

For advanced users; In addition to all the functions developed on it, users can develop their own tools and add the features they want to MapInfo Pro. It is possible to see, analyze and organize the data of a single neighborhood or the whole of Turkey very quickly, in different projections.

MapInfo Pro easily integrates with other database systems that institutions work with, so it helps accelerating and visualizing the current workflow. Buildings can be seen on the map, subscribers in that building can be accessed, and faults in that area can be accessed. Institutions can work more effectively and quickly.

Turkish Interface!

MapInfo Pro is localized into Turkish. Turkish patch facilitates learning with meaningful translations. It is prepared in Turkey by expert staffs.

Powerful and Fast Technical Support!

Başarsoft, authorized dealer and distributor of MapInfo Pro in 35 countries with expert technical support staff. It produces solutions to problems as soon as possible, either on site, via e-mail or by phone.

Affordable Price and Extensibility!

The MapInfo Pro is an affordable program that can do many basic functions. In addition, operations can be performed on more specific subjects with earth sciences, 3D and web modules. Analysis can be made by making surface and underground modeling, can be moved to 3D environment and operations can be made on the web.
Also, MapInfo Pro can be easily integrated with other systems in institutions, and it can be converted into specific interfaces to ensure accurate, controlled, widespread and effective use.
It can be configured for multi-use without any additional tool/license/program on existing databases in institutions.

National and Local Format Support!

Many international formats (*.shp, *.ecw, *.dxf, *.dwg,*.kml, *.kmz, *.dem, *.dgn, *.gml, *.las, *.gpx, * .sid etc.) can be opened without any problem.(*)

Advanced module added to MapInfo Pro, provides additional features. For detailed information, you can visit the MapInfo Pro Advanced page.

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