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Kaydet.com is a Başarsoft service that provides the service of saving and updating corporate information and locations for contracted navigation devices, Google Maps, Yandex Maps and Apple Maps.

Why should I be on the maps?

The introduction of map services into our lives brought many conveniences. Maps, which we need in almost every moment of our daily life, not only make our life easier, but also provide us with many advantages. Before maps and navigations came into our lives, it was very difficult to reach a point we were looking for and obtain information. However, we can say that trying to reach by asking for an address is now a thing of the past.

Having your business on the maps means that the users of the map service are one step closer to you and speeds up the decision-making processes of your potential customers. It allows your customers to find you easily and to get ideas and information about your company. Thus, it allows them to save time and to be one step ahead of your competitors by creating trust in your company.

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Detailed Information about Kaydet.com

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Thanks to Kaydet.com:

  • • Can edit business categories,
  • • Can regularly provide the optimization process for the cleaning of unclaimed businesses,
  • • Since Başarsoft sends updated data regularly via API, you can avoid suggestions based on end-user comments,
  • • Can increase the communication of your customers with the institution,
  • • Can provide customer satisfaction,
  • • Can accelerate the decision-making processes of your potential customers,
  • • Can easily view your customers’ working hours,
  • • Can prevent time loss with address directions.
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Kaydet.com Platform with User-Friendly Interface, Integrated with Google My Business!

With Kaydet.com you can:

  • • Update all your business information on a single platform,
  • • Organizing your opened and closed business information on a single platform,
  • • Ability to collectively reply to the comments received from all your businesses,
  • • Creating innovation, event and offer publications for your customers,
  • • Ability to track your businesses’ Google statistics and download them in the form of reports,
  • • Ability to share accounts with companies where they can not make changes to your business information but can follow, campaigns and comments for the advertising agencies you have a contract with.
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Check your business statistics and download it as a report!

You can analyze whether your business is getting more views on Google Maps or Google Searches. You can track your customers’ actions such as websites, directions, and phone calls, and the areas where they get directions to visit your business. You can download these statistics as reports.

Follow the comments of your businesses and respond to all comments collectively!

You can reply to the comments made to your businesses on Google Maps via the Başarsoft Maps Registration Service application. You can follow the comments such as Answered and Unanswered through the application, and you can collectively reply to all comments received in your branches. You can provide automatic replies to comments based on the star level in the comments.

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Create a post related to your business;

You can create publications for your innovations, campaigns or events related to your business on Google Maps, and ensure that your customers are aware of your publications.

Be Easy to Find

Make it easy for your customers to find your business in daily life.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Include your business address, phone, website, images, working days and hours.

Avoid Waste of Time

Avoid waste of time with address directions.

Find Your Potential Customers

Minimize your marketing and advertising needs.

Be Ahead of Your Competitors

Accelerate your potential customers’ search decision making processes.

Easily Seen From Smartphones

Get your place on the devices where maps are used the most.





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Ziraat Bankası

Ziraat Katılım

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Yapı Kredi Azerbaycan


ING Bank


Coldwell Banker


Aras Kargo



Uludağ Elektrik

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Gdz Elektrik




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Axa Sigorta

NART Sigorta




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Crackers Pizza

Elite World Hotels

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