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MapBasic is a basic programming language for developing applications on MapInfo Pro. At the same time, it is an advanced GIS development platform with its rich function library, which was formed by adding GIS (Geographic Information System) capabilities to the Basic language.

MapBasic allows to customize MapInfo Pro’s geographic functionality, automate repetitive processes, and integrate MapInfo Pro with other applications quickly and easily.

Processes Faster and Easier with MapBasic

For user experience, MapBasic enables the definition of new dialog boxes and the development of programs that will automatically perform a series of operations for users. Users can make changes in MapInfo Pro menus, create and add new menus for themselves. With these operations, a series of operations performed more than once in MapInfo Pro software can be performed automatically via MapBasic. For example, in order to extract the data in hundreds of different files and transfer them to separate tables, it is necessary to query hundreds of times and add new records to the table. With an application to be developed in MapBasic software, data in separate tables can be automatically added to different tables by querying, and this process can be done in a few minutes.

Make Custom Apps and Customize MapInfo Pro

With MapBasic you can automate repetitive processes, add new capabilities in MapInfo Pro, and integrate MapInfo Pro with other applications. MapBasic, the free development environment and programming language for MapInfo Pro, can be used for simple operations such as hiding or reordering individual menu items. Additionally, it can be used for creating mapping applications.

You can find comprehensive support, detailed documentation and application examples in MapBasic, especially if you are new to programming. In addition, the code equivalents of the operations performed with the MapBasic tool included in the MapInfo Pro interface can be displayed. In this way, you can create your applications in MapBasic more easily by taking advantage of the code equivalents of the processes.

MapBasic 3

With the MapBasic language, it is possible to make developments in C, C++,,, Python languages. Using this flexible development environment, various third-party applications that are freely available on the MapInfo community have been developed. You can visit the MapInfo Marketplace portal to download these applications.

MapBasic 4

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